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About that former TU football player who died after fighting in a church boxing match

7:00 AM EDT on November 1, 2011

An unsanctioned boxing match at GUTS Church this past September may have led to the untimely death of George Clinkscale, a football coach at Tulsa Central and former TU linebacker. In response, Clinkscale's parents and fiancee filed a negligence suit against the weird church. Apparently, the church's annual "Fight Night" wasn't licensed through the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission and was in violation of several state and federal regulations. Translation: GUTS is pretty much screwed.

From Channel 2:

The family of George Clinkscale III has filed a lawsuit against GUTS Church. Clinkscale died Sept. 21 after participating in a church event called "Fight Night."

The suit was filed by Clinkscale's parents and his fiancee on behalf of their two children. It claims negligence on the part of the church.

The suit also names Pastor William Scheer and Sandra Scheer as defendants.

Clinkscale, who was a linebacker for the Golden Hurricane from 2005-2009, was billed as part of the main event at Fight Night VI sponsored by GUTS Church.

Joe Miller, the director of the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, said witnesses described Clinkscale as becoming ill during the fight. He said Clinkscale was taken to a local hospital where he died.

The medical examiner has yet to release a cause of death.

You might remember reading about GUTS Church here a few weeks ago. They're the "heavy metal" church that puts on the bizarre and extreme haunted house every year. GUTS proclaims that they target the "outcasts" of society, and in turn, host events such as biker rallies and Christian metal concerts. Regardless of your religious beliefs (or lack thereof), you have to give them props for their marketing strategy.  GUTS has certainly figured out a way to stand out in the mega-church capital of the world.

Named in the suit are pastors Bill Scheer and his wife Sandra. Now, I'm not going to comment on their poor taste in music or their token cheesy grins. I'm not even going to mention that their daughter allegedly drives a Mercedes G-Wagen. Those would be cheap, thoughtless jabs at their character, and there's no room for such tomfoolery here at the Lost Ogle. After all, I spend a large chunk of my paychecks on platform ankle booties, and Patrick blows his on appletinis, so really, who are we to judge the extravagant purchases a pastor may or may not make?

Pastor Scheer is no stranger to controversy. A few years ago, he came under fire for proclaiming that he "is not a sinner," which is a big no-no with the God Squad. Phrases like "wolf in sheep's clothing" were thrown around regarding the situation, but here at the Lost Ogle, we don't dabble in nonsense like taking a sentence out of context and extrapolating it into an abomination either.

Obviously, Bill Scheer and the GUTS church administration had no way of knowing something like this would occur. There's no doubt in my mind that they're decent people who made a terrible oversight. But the responsibility for this tragedy ultimately falls on them. For the same reasons that you don't take a Kindergarten class on a float trip or senior citizens to the roller derby, an event that facilitates beating each other on church grounds was a bad decision on many levels.

Our sincerest condolences go out to George Clinkscale's family and friends. May you find peace and healing after this tragedy.

As always, holla atchyo girl @xcawoodstock.

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