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Oglebating: Is it OK for OU fans to put upside-down longhorn stickers on their cars?

11:22 AM EDT on October 19, 2011

Greetings, Oglebaters!  We're back with you this week to help decide some of the more controversial issues of the day. And much like the series of GOP debates, we will be taking cheap shots at deeply held emotional values while simultaneously making inane and completely unquantifiable statements.  So, sit back and enjoy as we determine whether or not it's okay for OU fans to put upside-down Longhorns stickers on their automobiles!

Tony: Yes

Here is my argument: Texas Sucks.

I thought about ending it right there because, I'm going to be totally honest with you, that is the entirety of my stance. If you stop reading now, I don't blame you. I checked my TLO contract and it turns out I don't get that million dollar year-end bonus if I don't write more than a sentence, so I'm gonna write a bit more, but it's mostly going to be expanding on the theme of Texas sucking.

So, yeah. Texas. They suck. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with communicating that to the masses. We should start indoctrinating our kids with that message. Also to eat their vegetables, but mostly that Texas sucks. I know some people think it's wrong because the money spent on purchasing the sticker actually goes to UT, but I don't think that argument holds water. If I drive to Stillwater, buy a ticket, and cheer on OU next month, is there something wrong with that? I don't think so, despite the fact that my attendance will do nothing to really help the program, and the $60 or whatever goes to OSU.

Also, how much can that sticker money really be helping Texas? I mean, they suck! Did you guys see their last two games? OU and OSU crushed them! They suck so bad! And did you see their quarterbacks? Man, do they suck. Texas sucks. The end. I told you there wouldn't be anything more to my argument.

Marisa: No

Alright, guys. Everyone knows I live in Norman and that I'm OU's favorite forever student. I hate Texas with the best of them. Each time I go to Texas, I thank my lucky stars I'm from Oklahoma. And while I'm sure the money that goes to Texas from the sale of these stickers is negligible, I still don't think it's okay. Here's why:

Do you remember The Amityville Horror?  You know how they knew there was some sort of demonic presence in the house because of all the flies and upside down crucifixes? Well, what if all the upside-down Longhorn stickers were evidence of demonic presences in your Ford Explorers? Granted, I have been listening to The Amityville Horror audiobook as I drive to work in the dark each morning, but I don't think that's related.

So let's take this demonic presence to its logical conclusion: By turning the Longhorn sticker upside-down, you're not inviting in a demonic're inviting in a Texas fan! And I think we all know how annoying those people are. They talk your ear off about how awesome UT is and how cool Austin is.  And then the rest of the conversation veers off in a direction where they drunkenly make inflammatory remarks about Oklahoma. Because all Sooner fans are saints, we never engage with them, but still, it's annoying.



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