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2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Semi-Finals (1 of 2)

10:00 AM EDT on October 3, 2011

After a long wait, our 2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest begins today with our first group of semi-finalists.

Before we get to the pics, I'd like to thank all the Ogle Moles who emailed us photographs from the Oklahoma State Fair. In all, we received 62 emails and about 150 photos. This year's field was really deep. There were about 60 photos that we seriously considered for the semi-finals, and whittling those 60 down to a final 20 was a pretty difficult process. In fact, it was so difficult that during the elimination stages Clark Matthews cried like the day he learned Eskimo Joe's shirts were no longer cool.

Anyway, here's how the whole thing works:

• We are posting 10 pics today and 10 pics tomorrow. You will vote for your THREE favorite pictures from each group.

• This weekend we'll tally the votes. The two pictures from each group that receive the highest percentage of votes will advance to the finals. We'll also select one wild card. It will be the photograph that receives the most votes out of both groups, but didn't make the finals.

• The person who took the winning photo will receive a complimentary dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill, one of the best fine dining spots in the metro.

Okay, enough with the stuff you don't care about it. Check out the first 10 photos after the jump.


I would bet you a million dollars this guy drinks Natural Light and has owned, or does own, an old beat-up El Camino. I would also bet you the gigantic stuffed penguin will nicely match the confederate flags and vintage KKK memorabilia he displays in his tool shed.


Hairy Turkey Leg

I've looked at this picture for hours and still can't figure out the best/worst part. Is it the girl in the background ferociously chomping on a turkey leg the same way your dog assaults a Dingo bone, or is it the glob of hair peeking out from underarm of the lady in the foreground? If you can't figure out which it is, just do what I did and throw up in your mouth. It will help you feel better.


Feed Me Jelly

What makes this photo funny is that the lower shelf is empty and has a book on it. Yep, that's it. The lady with a huge ass looking at jellies is not funny at all, and if you think that, you are a terrible person.


Harry McCracker

Maybe instead of trying to own every key in the world, this guy should invest in a belt, wax treatment or two additional shirt sizes.

p.s. I originally wanted to name this picture Trabes. Would that have been wrong?


When you gotta go, you gotta go

Give this dude some credit. If you're going to piss your pants in public, you might as well do it at the State Fair. For one, nobody will notice the smell. Two, you don't have to worry about being raped in the bathroom.


Squeal like a stuffed pig

Yeah, nothing like a fair employee raping a stuffed animal in front of a kid and a bunch of toy smurfs. But don't worry. Immediately after this picture was taken Burt Reynolds showed up and shot the carnie in the chest with his bow and arrow.


Queen of the Denim Flower Vests

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for women who wear straw hats and flowery denim vests. Of course, that's only if they are also porn stars and on the set of Farmer's Naughty Daughter 7 or something. This lady looks like she is trapped in bad 1980s country clip art or an "It's Morning Again in America" commercial.


Schweddy Back

If you look carefully, you may notice that the sweat stain on her jeans is shaped like a partial heart. But don't look too carefully, because then hair will grow on your palms and everyone will call you Dean Blevins.


The Two Fister

Wow, I'm pretty sure I need an insulin shot just from looking at this guy. Could he not eat the turkey leg, enjoy it for a few seconds, and then order the double-fried, calorie-battered churro? Also, I think he needs another gallon of soda to put in his little basket.


Stealing Third

When I look at this picture, I can't help but notice the heavenly beams of light shining upon a young couple in love. It's almost as if God is gazing upon them and personally ensuring their love and happiness. Then again, I also see some dude trying to sneak a feel while making out with a girl on the Little Caesars "Hot and Ready" bench. Basically, I see symbolism and irony. Now I feel smart.


Now that you have reviewed our first 10 semi-finalists, vote for your THREE favorites in the poll below. The two photos that receive the most total votes will make the finals on next Monday.

Also, check out the site tomorrow for the other 10 semi-finalists here are the other 10 semi-finalists.

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