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Here is NewsOK’s answer to Cardboard Jim Traber

Well, it looks like has finally found their answer to Cardboard Jim Traber. His name is "Mr. Know It" and he'll soon be visiting a school, meeting or place near you.

‘Mr. Know It' makes debut in Oklahoma City metro area

Here's an invitation to you to visit and become a part of's “know it” communities.

We'll even provide an opportunity for you to get a little publicity in doing so. You can have your photo taken with “Mr. Know It,” who will be showing up at various locations and events.

Mr. Know It is the life-size “stand in” for Communities Editor Don Gammill, who oversees the “know it” project.

“He's generally available to travel, and he's easy to work with,” Gammill said. “You'll never hear him complain, and he's always smiling.”

So, if you have a school event, meeting or place where Mr. Know It can visit, send an email of invitation to We'll see if we can make the connection.

Yeah, this is a great idea. I can't wait to see the reaction on all the kids faces when 'Mr. Know It' visits their school. Because let's be honest, what kid has not dreamed of playing with a life-sized cardboard cutout of the man who sold Mommy and Daddy a couch at Bob Mills.

Seriously, how did this ever happen?!  I wish I could have been in the meeting when this project was given the green light. For one, it would have been cool to smoke marijuana with a bunch of OPUBCO employees, and two, I could have asked the million-dollar question: "Does this mean there will be no Cardboard Steve Lackmeyer?"

Anyway, Cardboard Dom Gammill — I can't call him "Mr. Know It" and keep a straight face — is pretty stupid and totally lame, but the whole concept is kind of cute. It's like NewsOK went out and cut its own hair or drew pictures of dinosaurs on the bedroom wall. It's hard to be too mad or disappointed in them, because deep down you realize they just don't know any better.

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