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Mary Fallin urges Oklahomans to vacation in Oklahoma…unless your name is Mary Fallin…

With the summer months quickly approaching, many Oklahoma families have already started planning their summer vacations.  But instead of seeking sandy beaches, dazzling casinos or the family road trip to Sea World, our State's top two elected officials are urging you to stay in Oklahoma and visit such exotic wonders as the Heavener Runestone, Roman Nose State Park and Sod House Museum.

From NewsOK:

Oklahomans urged to stay in the state for vacations

The state’s top two elected officials urged Oklahomans to vacation in the state this summer.

“I invite travelers to stay home and take a staycation right here,” Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb said.

Lamb, who also is chairman of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Commission, said the state offers many attractions “without breaking the bank and buying plane tickets and traveling far off, particularly in times of high fuel prices.”

Gov. Mary Fallin said, “One of the things that can help boost our budget, boost our economy in Oklahoma is tourism and travel.”

Fallin and Lamb spoke at a news conference to promote this week as National Tourism Week. The state Tourism and Recreation Department is launching a special road trip section on its travel website,

Fallin said every travel dollar spent in Oklahoma produces nearly 5.3 cents in state tax receipts and 2.5 cents in local tax coffers.

Fallin said high fuel prices may cause many Oklahomans and those from nearby states to travel in the state. Oklahoma is advertising in select states to attract vacationers and tourists, she said.

Yeah!  Staying in Oklahoma for your summer vacation sounds like a great idea!  In fact, it's such a great idea that Mary Fallin recently took a spring break vacation to the Bahamas!

Oklahoma governor heads to Bahamas for spring break

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is out of state on a family vacation leaving Lt. Governor Todd Lamb the acting governor.

Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz said the governor left Saturday afternoon for the Bahamas with her husband and three of their children. Fallin is expected to return to the state Thursday afternoon or evening.

Weintz said Fallin was expected to leave earlier on Saturday, but delayed her departure so that she could tour parts of central Oklahoma ravaged by wildfires that broke out on Friday.

Okay.   Before we rush out and call Mary a hypocrite, please consider a couple of things.

1. NPR did produce an interesting story about the Bahamas just a few weeks before Mary booked her vacation.  Knowing how easily Mary is influenced by NPR reports, who can blame her for packing up the kids and taking the trip to such an exotic and interesting location.

2. State Troopers love the Bahamas.

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