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One Shining Moment: Kevin Durant is your Ogle Madness IV Champion

11:51 AM EDT on April 18, 2011

Well, after 63 games we finally have a winner.  Kevin Durant squeaked by Joleen Chaney in the Ogle Madness IV Championship Game by a 327 - 317 margin.  To celebrate this achievement and all of this year's competitors, I have put together yet another One Shining Moment video.  Enjoy:

Spence will have a complete recap of Ogle Madness IV later tomorrow.  Until then, some quick thoughts:

• We had eight people pick Kevin Durant in our Ogle Madness IV "Pick the Champion" contest.  If you were one of them, you have a 1 in 8 chance of winning a $4,300 Body Sculpting Package from Body Trends Electrospa.  We'll announce the winner later this week.

• Two people selected Joleen Chaney to win Ogle Madness IV.  I guess it sucks to be those two people.

• This is the second best Ogle Madness game of all time.  The best game ever was when Lauren Richardson defeated Amy McRee by two votes in the Ogle Madness I Championship Game.

• There was some major ballot-stuffing for Joleen in this one, but we were able to correct that.

• Thanks to some user error, Microsoft and technical troubles, the "One Shining Moment" video took way too long to make.  Please watch it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for voting and making Ogle Madness a success.  Also, thanks again to Body Trends Electrospa for sponsoring the event.

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