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Ogle Madness IV: Final 4

Well, after 60 match ups we're down to the Final Four.  Here it is:

(3) Joleen Chaney vs. (4) Thunder Girls
(1) Kevin Durant vs. (1) Olivia Munn

Yeah, this is a pretty good Final Four.  Let's give props to the Ogle Madness selection committee for doing such a great job seeding the tournament!

Anyway, Spencer wrote a pretty good breakdown of the Final Four on Friday.  You can check it out here.  And if you want to see how we got to these four individuals/NBA dance teams, check out the updated bracket.

Voting for the Final 4 will go through Tuesday.  The championship game will be Thursday.  Vote after the jump!

(3) Joleen Chaney vs. (4) Thunder Girls


About (3) Joleen Chaney

Conference: Hot Female News Reporters

Who she is: Hot Anchor and News Reporter for KFOR Channel 4

Biggest Strength: Looking attractive and reporting the news...even from Pauls Valley.

Biggest Weakness: Grady County Politicians


About (4) Thunder Girls

Conference: Hot Girls

Who they are: Dance team for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Strength: Wearing skimpy outfits.

Biggest Weakness: Returning our phone calls.



(1) Kevin Durant vs. (1) Olivia Munn


About (1) Kevin Durant:

Conference: Former Ogle Madness Champs

Who he is: NBA Scoring Champ

Biggest Strength: Silky smooth jump shots

Biggest Weakness: Arrogance


About (1) Olivia Munn

Conference: Nerd Fantasies

Who she is: Daily Show correspondent/star of crappy NBC sitcom & PC North Graduate

Biggest Strength: Gaining a cult following of adolescent dorks

Biggest Weakness: Removing her clothes for Playboy


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