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Ogle Madness IV: Sweet 16, Southeast Region

1:46 AM EDT on March 30, 2011

So far, this region has gone according to plan.  Need proof? Look at the match-ups below.   Need more proof? Go to hell.

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (4) Jaime Cerreta
(2) Sam Bradford vs. (3) Wayne Coyne

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(1) Kevin Durant vs. (4) Jaime Cerreta


About (1) Kevin Durant:

Conference: Former Ogle Madness Champs

Who he is: NBA Scoring Champ

Biggest Strength: Silky smooth jump shots

Biggest Weakness: Arrogance


About (4) Jaime Cerreta

About (4) Jaime Cerreta

Conference: Hot news chicks

Who she is: Evening anchor for KOKH Fox 25

Biggest Strength: Being Spunky

Biggest Weakness: Being Salty


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About (2) Sam Bradford vs. (3) Wayne Coyne

About (2) Sam Bradford

Conference: NFL Rookie of the Years

Who he is: Heisman winning QB, Number 1 Draft Pick, Rookie of the Year in the NFL

Biggest Strength: Arm strength, accuracy, leadership

Biggest Weakness: Winning a big-time meaningful game


About (3) Wayne Coyne:

Conference: Oklahoma Weirdos

Who he is: Frontman of the Flaming Lips

Biggest Strength: Writing and performing music

Biggest Weakness: Posting clothed pictures of his wife on Twitter


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