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Ogle Madness IV: First Round, West Region (Upper Bracket)

As we move into the final region in the first round, the match-ups are:

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16) Tammy Banovac(8) Kevin Ogle vs. (9) Joey and Heather(4) Mary Fallin vs. (13) Jedi OKC X-Wing Fighter(5) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (12) Dan "Twit" Gordon

It seems like there has been a shortage of upsets through now, but I would suspect that there might be a couple in this batch of games. Let's see.

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16) Tammy Banovac



About (1) Olivia Munn

Conference: Nerd Fantasies

Who she is: Daily Show correspondent/star of crappy NBC sitcom

Biggest Strength: Gaining a cult following of adolescent dorks

Biggest Weakness: Removing her clothes for Playboy


About (16) Tammy Banovac

Conference: Former Dentist/Playboy bunny

Who she is: The wheelchair-bound grandma who protested airport screenings in her underwear

Biggest Strength: Taking off her clothes for Playboy

Biggest Weakness: Looking like a zombie while stroking a dog and waiting for airport security to check out her septuagenarian undergarments.



(8) Kevin Ogle vs. (9) Joey and Heather


About (8) Kevin Ogle:

Conference: Mighty Ogles

Who he is: KFOR anchor

Biggest Strength: Beating out Kent for second best Ogle brother

Biggest Weakness: Losing to Kelly for best Ogle brother


About (9) Joey and Heather

Conference: Morning DJ's

Who they are: Wild 104.9's early morning crew

Biggest Strength: Stuffing the ballot box for The Gazette's "Best of OKC"

Biggest Weakness: Stuffing the ballot box for Ogle Madness. Seriously, they haven't gotten out of the first round yet.



(4) Mary Fallin vs. (13) Jedi OKC X-Wing Fighter


About (4) Mary Fallin

Conference: Chief Executives of Oklahoma

Who she is: Newly installed successor of Brad Henry

Biggest Strength: Taking on Washington from 1,300 miles away

Biggest Weakness: Taking on Washington as a member of Congress


About (13) Jedi OKC X-Wing Fighter

Conference: Overly serious grown men in costumes

Who he is: Member of the OKC based Jedi fighting crew

Biggest Strength: Raising money for charitable causes

Biggest Weakness: Having a sense of humor



(5) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (12) Dan "Twit" Gordon


About (5) Cardboard Jim Traber

Conference: Lifesize cutouts

Who he is: The Lost Ogle's mascot

Biggest Strength: Not being the real Jim Traber

Biggest Weakness: Being available for outdoor events when it rains


About (12) Dan "Twit" Gordon

Conference: Jewelry moguls

Who he is: Social media obsessed Samuel Gordon Jeweler honcho

Biggest Strength: Recognizing a good opportunity for promotion

Biggest Weakness: Turning off his iPhone


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