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Ogle Madness IV: First Round, Southeast Region (Upper Bracket)

2:10 AM EDT on March 14, 2011

Well, today we continue first round action with the Southeast Region.  Here are the match-ups:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Harry Johnson

(8) Ree Drummond vs. (9) Josh Brecheen

(4) Jaime Cerreta vs. (13) Rit Mathis

(5) The Guardian vs. (12) Clark Matthews

Yeah, who knows where this bracket will go.  Vote after the jump.

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Harry Johnson


About (1) Kevin Durant:

Conference: Former Ogle Madness Champs

Who he is: NBA Scoring Champ

Biggest Strength: Silky smooth jump shots

Biggest Weakness: Arrogance


About (16) Harry Johnson:

Conference: Politicians with funny names

Who he is: Potential congressman

Biggest Strength: Haywood Jablome

Biggest Weakness: Bill Fold



(8) Ree Drummond vs. (9) Josh Brecheen


About (8) Ree Drummond:

Conference: Popular Bloggers

Who she is: Founder of the

Biggest Strength: Best Lasagna Ever

Biggest Weakness: Marlboro Man


About (9) Josh Brecheen

Conference: Right wing nut jobs

Who he is: Republican State Senator for District 6

Biggest Strength: Marrying up

Biggest Weakness: Logic, common sense and intelligence



(4) Jamie Cerreta vs. (13) Rit Mathis


About (4) Jaime Cerreta

Conference: Hot news chicks

Who she is: Evening anchor for KOKH Fox 25

Biggest Strength: Being Spunky

Biggest Weakness: Being Salty


About (13) Rit Mathis

Conference: American Gerbil Confederation

Who he is: New Mathis Brother

Biggest Strength: The new Broyhill by Broyhill.

Biggest Weakness: Lady Americana



(5) The Guardian vs. (12) Clark Matthews


About (5) The Guardian

Conference: Oklahoma State Fair

Who she is: Winning pic from our state fair photo contest.

Biggest Strength: Budweiser

Biggest Weakness: Throwing stuff away


About (12)  Clark Matthews

Conference: Super Ogles

Who he is: Co-Founder & Editor of The Lost Ogle

Biggest Strength: Checkers

Biggest Weakness: Justice League of Oklahoma


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