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Ward 8: The Grandpa Ward

10:27 AM EST on February 28, 2011

Tomorrow, primary elections will be held for Oklahoma City Council seats in district 2, 5, 6 and 8.  Since these elections are kind of important, we figured it would be wise to a look at the candidates from each ward, and while we're at it, give an endorsement.

The first one we are examining is Ward 8.  It covers far north and far northwest Oklahoma City.  My favorite Ward 8 memory was the time I ran over a road runner while driving the backroads to Piedmont.  I was in high school at the time and a friend and I were heading out there to meet some Piedmont girls, and bam, a road runner runs in front of my little Honda Accord and I nailed him.

Anyway, the two people running are the incumbent Pat Ryan and the whacko challenger Cliff Hearron.  Here they are:

Pat Ryan

This guy was the Vice-Chairman at OG&E.  Know what that means?  He's loaded.


Cliff Hearron

On his website, which looks oddly similar to another Tea Party candidate seeking a city council seat, Hearron writes "I was a "Tea Party" person way before that term was invented."

Yeah, basically this vote comes down to which guy you would rather want to be your grandpa.  The choices are the rich white Republican businessman or the wacko God fearing tea partier.

This probably won’t surprise you, but I would go with the rich white guy.

You see, the last thing Oklahoma City needs is some angry 74-year-old tea partier serving on the City Council.  Not only would his anti-progress fear-inducing views hurt the city, but he’d probably spend each council meeting complaining about kids walking on his lawn, the price of milk at Braum’s and how fast people drive on the Hefner Parkway.  He’d then show you pictures of his grandchildren and talk about how the moon landing was a vast government conspiracy just like 9-11.

The choice here is easy. Vote for Pat Ryan tomorrow.

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