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10 Questions with Attorney General Candidate Jim Priest

Last week, in an exclusive Lost Ogle investigative report, we uncovered that Democratic Attorney General Jim Priest really likes to wear a one ugly red and white striped(?) tie.

Shortly after the post published, the Jim Priest campaign contacted us and asked to address this fashion faux pas (and other issues related to  the second most powerful government position in Oklahoma) in an interview.  Check it out after the jump.

1. You're a partner in a prominent labor law firm that proudly bagged a $130,000,000 verdict, yet you  only wear one tie that looks like it was purchased from the Men's Warehouse in 1998.  What gives?

a. My partners bagged the big verdict, not me.  But they also have ties you probably would not like.
b. I actually have more than one tie but only one that is used for "game day" events.
c. This tie cost me about $50 and was purchased only last year (not 1998) and not at Men's Warehouse (not that I have anything against Men's Warehouse).
d.  Sometimes I don't even wear a tie. Watch this video for proof.


2. Have you ever used your tie to try and hypnotize criminals?

Not yet, but it has worked on bloggers.


3. Does your tie have nickname?

It's called "the lucky tie"


4. Have you ever seen anyone else wear the same tie?  If so, what happened?

No one else apparently has the guts to wear this tie, but if I do meet someone there will be appropriate celebrating.


5. As Attorney General, will you file lawsuits against Arkansas just for the fun of it?

Despite what you may have heard, lawsuit are not fun.  Even ones against Arkansas (not that I have anything against Arkansas)


6. Are you as crooked as your opponent?



7. To help you get votes, tell me how much you love guns, the NRA and natural gas royalties.

I reserve my love for my family, but I do like my own gun, I like many of the members of the NRA and I would like to someday receive natural gas royalties.


8. Even though Marisa isn't really an employee for The Lost Ogle, can we still get sued for making lewd and inappropriate comments to her?

Yes, and you'll need a good lawyer to defend you.  Better call me before the election since I may be tied up afterwards.


9. If you win, can I drop your name to get out of speeding tickets?

If you do, it will result in additional charges filed against you.


10.  When are you going to come to the Speakeasy for trivia night?

Right after the election, when I hope to have some time

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