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The Guardian won our State Fair Photo contest…

Congratulations to gentle reader Anthony for winning our 2010 State Fair Photo Contest.  His picture "” which we called "The Guardian" "” received 299 votes in the finals, just edging out the second place finisher "Eat Pussy Kids." For taking and submitting the winning photo, Anthony wins a FREE dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill.

The Guardian was definitely one of my favorites from this year's batch of photos.  I had a hunch it would be pretty popular.  In fact, I thought it was almost too good.  I asked Anthony if it was staged.  His response was:

I promise it was not staged. I wish it were so I would not be so embarrassed to live here

Maybe I'm gullible, but I believe Anthony.  For one, The Guardian does have a tattoo of what appears to be a star with a penis or candle shooting out of its heart.  That would take photograph staging to a whole new level.  Plus, this is the Oklahoma State Fair we are talking about.  Anything is possible at the fair, right?

Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent in a picture.  The response this year was terrific.   For fun, we posted some of the pics that didn't make the semifinals to our Facebook Page.  The only catch is that you have to be our friend to view them, so be our Facebook friend and expect weekly invitations to the Team Trivia Night we host each Tuesday at the Speakeasy.

Also, big thanks goes out to our friends at Deep Fork Grill for sponsoring this contest.  When you go there, tell them Clark Matthews sent you.

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