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The Great Oklahoma Earthquake of 2010

One of the strongest earthquakes in Oklahoma history occurred yesterday morning. For many Oklahomans, it was the strongest earthquake they've experienced since they last stood inside the old earthquake simulator room at the Omniplex.  The only difference is that following the earthquake everyone tweeted and texted their friends, instead of going to watch a kid play an organ that shoots flames or making inappropriate hand gestures on a weird shadow wall.

Anyway, here's a collection of some Tweets we sent after the quake rattled our windows, shook our doors and destroyed Clark Matthews' sense of calm:

Mayor Cornett: Earthquake puts OKC in same class as other big league West Coast cities.


Sally Kern blames earthquake on gays, porn and the bad service she got last night at Grandys.


Hefner Village Condos evacuated in fear of possible Lake Hefner Tsunami!


I wonder if Gary England sent Val out to chase the earthquake.


Breaking News: Mary Fallin claims earthquake was a 'socialist plot by Washington liberals.'


To donate money to the Oklahoma Earthquake Survivor Fund, send money via PayPal to thelostogle @


I survived the great Oklahoma City Earthquake of 2010...and a bar fight with 22 year old OCU law student! #finaldestination

Hey, we were named the Best Social Media Fanatic (ghey, huh)  in the Gazette for a reason.  But we weren't the only people tweeting about the earthquake.  Check out some of our favorite earthquake-related tweets after the jump.

Just kidding, you didn't really think that we'd post other people's boring Twitter comments about an earthquake, did you?  That would be lamer than Berry Tramel's earthquake column.

Instead, here's a cropped picture of Brent Skarky doing something weird.  If you can guess what he is doing, we'll give you a free orange.

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