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The Jedi OKC Meeting Minutes

7:50 AM EDT on August 31, 2010

Over the weekend, we received several referrals from a website called  It's the official home page for the Oklahoma City Star Wars Fan and Collectors Club.  Apparently, a member of their community discovered an older Friday Night in the Big Town post that made fun of the group. In particular, it included a fake event called "Jedi OKC Singles Night." Most of the message board Jedis didn't think it was very funny. Check out some of the comments from their forum:

"Red Assassin chick"? LOL Idiots don't even know what they are talking about! Way to stereo-type people and make yourselves look like total douchebags! - Slippe


Love it. He didn't report the activity correctly, didn't report the nature of the event correctly, didn't attempt to contact anyone from the club to get the bigger picture. He just played off knee-jerk douche-baggery notions of what he thinks the club is and went with it in the name of satire. It looks like he applies the same level of fact checking to his grammar checking...there were errors on his page that betray his humor and his writing skills both as sophmoric--high school, not college.

That said, all the press we get isn't gonna be roses. I'd say we're ahead of the curve. We have about 10 good interactions for every one of these self-proclaimed humorists. - Ryan


I posted a reply saying that the report of our activity was false and said what we have really done for the community. It made the author look like a jerk I guess ( there was nothing bad in my post) because it was moderated and they refused to post it on the site. Funny when you look at the comments that did make it onto the discussion board. - MandalorianMaven

Ouch! I thought Jedis were supposed to be kind and understanding, not mean and salty. Also, aren't Jedis allegedly good at predicting things and have a heightened sense of awareness? If so, the force must not be very strong with our Jedi, because it took them nine months to find this post.

That being said, we do apologize to Jedi OKC for making fun of them and relying upon easy stereotypes and cheap gimmicks to do so. To make it up to them "” and to give you a glimpse of what it's really like to be a member of Jedi OKC "” we have obtained a secret copy of their most recent Board Meeting Minutes.  Keep in mind that many Bothan Spies died while obtaining this information. Check it out after the jump.

Jedi Council Board Meeting Minutes
(Board Meeting Minutes: August 27, 2010)
(7:00pm @ Golden Corral on I40)

Jedi Council Board Members:
Present:  Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Boba Fett, Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Vader, Schmi Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leah and Admiral Ackbar

Absent: Jabba the Hutt (Costume Malfunction), Bib Fortuna, Chief Chirpa

Quorum present? Yes

- Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair, Darth Vader
- (Last month's) meeting minutes were amended and approved

Membership Update provided by Membership Chair, Princess Leah
- Membership applications for Chad Istook and Brent Skarky approved by membership committee. Each new member will assume probationary rank of Red Leader. Probationary period will end when each new member pays dues, provides 20 hours of community service, and is approved by Jedi Council.

- Membership applications for Mike Morgan and Steve Lackmeyer rejected by membership committee. Strong feeling that the two may be spies from OKC Trekkies.

Chairmans Report provided by Darth Vader, President
- "Project Girlfriend" still ongoing. Too early to determine success, but recommends that we cancel the group eHarmony account; cites cost/benefit analysis chart (Cost $19.00/mo with no return on investment thus far). Advised that may be a better, more cost effective, alternative.

- Mentioned that Jabba the Hutt has been missing in a lot of meetings. MOTION to kick his fat ass out of JediOKC and all the way to Hoth, citing, "He is perpetuating the fat, single-guy stereotype."

Finance Committee Report provided by Chair, Qui-Gon Jinn:
- Qui-Gon Jinn explained that JediOKC accountant, Susan Johns, reviewed the organization's bookkeeping procedures and found them to be satisfactory, but recommends not using club funds to purchase Enzyte.

- MOTION to withdraw $300 from treasury for repairs to the Imperial Cruiser, a 1998 Durango used to haul Jedi OKC floats a local parades.

- Darth Vader asked Qui-Gon Jinn about forecast for 2011 financial forecast. Qui-Gon mentioned lower than expected revenues due to ailing Naboo economy. Darth Vader attempted to force choke Qui-Gon, but was unsuccessful.

Event Committee Report provided by Mace Windu:
- Locations for the "Under the Moons of Tatooine Enchantment Ball" have been narrowed to Civic Center Hall of Mirrors, Celebration Station and OKC CoCo.

- Announced that local comedians TwinProv have agreed to provide entertainment at Enchantment Ball for free.

- Reminded the Board of the scheduled World of Warcraft retreat coming up in three months, and provides a drafted retreat schedule for board review. MOTION to accept the retreat agenda; seconded and passed.

Board Development Committee's report provided by Chair, Admiral Ackbar:
- Admiral Ackbar presented members with a draft of the reworded By-laws paragraph that would allow midgets as members of JediOKC, citing that his son was, "getting too big to be Yoda in the parades." Ackbar suggested review and a resolution to change the By-laws accordingly. Schmi Skywalker suggested that Admiral Ackbar first seek legal counsel to verify if the proposed change is consistent with state statute of midgets being allowed to be both members of the circus and JediOKC.

Other Business:

- Admiral Ackbar mentioned that Ashlynn Brooke got naked in Piranha 3-D.

- Boba Fett mentioned that he masturbated to Piranha 3-D.

- Mace Windu announces that he plans to watch Piranha 3-D.

- Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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