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In Channel 9’s defense, they both have bowl cuts…

Hello gentle readers.  Wait. That's for later.

Apparently, the Republican candidates for the U.S. House District 5 run-off will answer questions on Channel 9 this morning.  I've already texted my question.  It is "Will u forgive the graphic designer who got your names mixed up on the promo graphic?"

In all honesty, this isn't too big of a deal.  These guys are basically identical, so you can't get mad at the graphic artist for screwing up.  Hell, the only difference between the candidates is that one has a red bowl cut and is a youth pastor, while the other guy has a blonde bowl cut and a rich brother.   Also, I think one of them may be a chronic masturbator, but I'm not sure which one, because they both kind of look like they could be chronic masturbators.   They both also look like they could get away with dressing up like Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.  Who doesn't like a good Pilgrim?

Anyway, this isn't the first time we've pointed out the graphical errors of the Channel 9 graphics department.   There was this time they forgot how percentages worked, and then this other time they called LeBron James a serial killer.

There was also this time that Dean Blevins urinated during a radio broadcast.  Granted, that has nothing to do with the Channel 9 graphics department, but if some weird pervert who urinated on live radio roamed the halls where I worked, I'd make a mistake every now and again, too.  In fact, that probably explains why I have so many typos in my posts.

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