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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Mat Garcia

One thing I learned when compiling the listing of our OKC Media Approval ratings is that we have done a poor job of including Channel 5 newscasters.  Paul Folger, who likes boobs, had been the only employee from the station to be featured in this series.  This was a surprisingly controversial revelation that led to many angry emails, including this one:

KOCO is the best news outlet in the state.  It is completely egregious that you would ice them out just because they replaced Maggie Carlo with a dude who likes purse dogs.


T. Hanadarko

This has not been on purpose, I just don't watch a lot of Channel 5.  The one exception is the morning show which, thanks to the YMCA's policy of giving KOCO favoritism in the weight room, I watch sans sound while attempting to complete a full workout on the elliptical machine (huffing and puffing like Seth Rogan after chasing Michael Cera in Superbad).

Without the sound, I know almost nothing about the cast except that the male anchor, Mat Garcia, probably shouldn't plan a vacation to Arizona anytime soon.  I went to his profile at the KOCO website and that did little to help me.  It was little more than a LinkedIn resume with some filler about how Garcia loves (**cliche alert**) spending time with his family.

Seriously 5-Alive, step up your game.  How are we supposed to go all-in on the cult of personality with your journalists if you treat them like journalists?  Huh?  Wait, maybe that's why our former editor Tony is a KOCO devotee.

Anyway, with that limited information, give us your opinion of Mat Garcia after the jump.

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