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Make Regular Jim Traber richer…

9:07 AM EDT on July 29, 2010

In addition to having a pathetic and contrived radio show show, Regular Jim Traber also has an incredibly boring website. At the this site you can see picture galleries of Regular Jim, including his family's best attempt at making bad stock photography, his trading cards, and someone named "Card Board Jim Traber."  Seriously.

The site also includes other pointless things like an event calendar from 2009 and an "About Us" page that, get this, claims that Regular Jim was inducted into a mysterious "Baseball Hall of  Fame in its first year of existence."    Regular Jim doesn't clarify which Hall of Fame this is, but I can only speculate it's either the Mendoza Line Hall of Fame or the International Bad Baseball Player Hall of Fame and Museum.

The "cash cow" of Regular Jim's website is a message board where people with user-names like mingusX5, Patriot Girl and da_greek_poke bicker and have pointless discussions about sports.  I'll admit, I frequented the message board for a bit during the mid-Aughts.  I think I was married at the time, so clearly I wasn't in the right frame of mind.  Marriage is my excuse for nearly everything that happened in the mid-Aughts.

The reason I bring all this up is that a reader notified us yesterday that Regular Jim is now looking for new advertisers on the bustling website.  Regular Jim's website is pretty obscure, so I sent him the following email to see what his rates were:

Mr Traber -

We would be interested in purchasing advertising on your website. It would be similar to the one we have on your baseball stats page. Please send us a rate sheet.

Thank You -

For some reason, Regular Jim never got back with us.  So I decided to do my own research and visit, which ranks all the websites in the world based on traffic., the actual host page for his forum, has a rank of 6,774, 124. That means there are over 6.5 million websites in the world with better web traffic than Jim Traber's.  To put that number in perspective, our traffic rank is 330,000, DailyThunder's rank is 361,000, and OklahomaRock's is 1.5 million.

Based on that information, I would estimate that an add on Jim Traber's site should cost a pack of Iron City Brew, a dozen Johnsonville Brats and a cheesecloth.  But since Regular Jim does have a identifiable name, I would estimate an add would cost $50 - $100 a month.

Anyway, since Regular Jim Traber will not respond to our email, I challenge our readers to get rates for his website.  That way we'll know if we can afford an ad on his site and if Jim Traber is possibly charging his advertisers too much money.   You can email Jim by clicking here.

When you get a reply, either email it to use or post it in the comments.   It should be fun.  Maybe Jim will even meltdown on the radio.  That would be cool.

Update: The un-ultimate replied "LOL" to our email.  Not sure what that means.

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