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Lost Ogle Q&A: Attorney General Drew Edmondson

Earlier this morning we posted a Lost Ogle Q&A with Jari Askins. Now we have a Q&A with the other person who wants to be the Democratic Party's nominee for Governor: Drew Edmondson.

Drew is the current state Attorney General, and has been in that office since I was in high school.  He's led lawsuits against tobacco, poultry and even Frank Keating.  He also may be the oldest living person to go by the name Drew.  No what that means?  Drew has experience.

Anyway, check out our Q&A with Drew after the jump.

1. Thanks for doing this interview. The first question may be the toughest one to answer. As Governor, will you follow the tradition established by Brad Henry and be at least 20 minutes late to any scheduled appearance?

I never want to be known as "The Late Drew Edmondson," at least not as long as I'm alive.


2. Now an easy question. What will be your number one priority if you become Governor of our fair state?

Job One for me as Governor will be creating jobs. You can read my economic plan at


3. During a severe weather crisis, which local weatherman are you going to watch?

Jump back Loretta! That's a tough one.


4. White Water or Frontier City? And why?

Frontier City, because it's closer to my house and I'm in enough fights over water as it is.


5. Let's ask at least one tough semi-controversial question. What are your thoughts on the recent immigration legislation passed in Arizona?

Let's let Arizona test the legal waters on this one. We did it on 1804, and that didn't really work out.


6. As a follow up, what's your favorite local Mexican food restaurant?

Anywhere Randy Terrill is not eating that day.


7. In the past year we've had blizzards, ice storms, earthquakes, tornados, destructive hail and flooding. Any prediction on what's next?



8. How many times have you been to the Oklahoma Panhandle?

Every time I've run for statewide office, a few times when we distributed posters about false liens and every time I've gone to New Mexico or Arizona. 73 times in all "“ or was it 37?


9. What's the fastest you've ever driven on the Turner Turnpike?

Four mph over the speed limit, unless the lights and sirens on my car were engaged.


10. Since you're an Oklahoma politician, I'm going to go ahead and assume you're a member of the NRA. If that's case, how often do you shoot a gun?

Enough to be endorsed by the NRA


11. What do you think of "Do You Realize??" being Oklahoma's official rock song?

That's right up my alley.


12. Where do you really think Barack Obama was born?



13. Do you think Oklahomans should have the right to buy wine in the same store that they can purchase spaghetti sauce, noodles and French bread?

I think this is an idea that could really help grow our economy. Have I mentioned the economic plan on my website?


14. Without choosing Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy or Brent Rinehart, who is your political role model?

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn


15. We've saved the toughest question for last: tell us something nice about your opponent.

She is a great Lieutenant Governor!

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