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OKC Media Approval Ratings

Last November, we started a weekly feature (that we forgot about for a couple of months rating local media personalities.  As of last week's three-fer, twenty-five members of the media have received a thumb-up or down from our discerning readers.  The results are in the graphic below.

Not surprisingly, Joleen Chaney, the reigning #1 on our Hottest Women in the Oklahoma Media, is pacing the field with a blistering 95% approval rating.  On the other end of the spectrum is Oklahoman writer Jenni Carlson whose writing makes us all want to hurt ourselves.

In between there were a few surprises.  For instance, Jim Traber, who loves this website and checks it daily for material, was liked by nearly a quarter of our readers.  I know he has a pathetic little website, a pathetic little radio show, and a pathetic little twitter account, but I assumed they were popular for the same reason people like to check out freak shows at carnivals...not because people actually like him.  Good for him, he only comes in second-to-last, a status he'll probably use in his ongoing feud with Jenni Carlson.

Other surprises:

    • OETA's laid off personalities George Tomek and Ross Dixon both landed in the top-6.  Google demographics have missed our popularity with septugenarians.
    • Our readers have spoken on the need for more meteorologists with two X chromosomes.  Emily Sutton landed in a tie for #2 with a 90% approval rating.
    • Lauren Richardson, a former Ogle Madness champion, wound up with a pedestrian 68% rating.

Next week, we will go back to judging.

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