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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Bobbie Miller

Since Independence Day was on a Sunday, most companies are observing it today, meaning there will be practically zero traffic today.  However, for those of you stuck at work, or bored at home, you probably want something to vote on.  Boy, are you in luck.

Many are still mourning the loss of the Schambarlo Sandwich ever since Maggie Carlo departed OKC and split up this market's hottest media BFF tandem.  That loss created a hot anchor vacuum that created, in my opinion, an even better pairing.  Bobbie Miller, today's subject, and Joleen Chaney (who has already been given our reader's seal of approval).  The two like to get out on the town and identify local porn stars.

This is old news, of course, and not the reason I chose Bobbie for today's topic.  In her Twitter feed this past week, Mrs. Miller announced that her recent ultrasound appointment told her she was carrying her second boy child.  As the father of two boys, this news struck a chord with me, and I wanted to publicly congratulate her.

Now, before I post the poll, I'd be remiss if I didn't give you at least one reason to possibly disapprove.  So here it is:  on Bobbie's KFOR online profile, she says her favorite book is "Anything John Stossel writes."  This may actually impress some people, but I personally do not like conspiracy theorists.

(Last week, KFOR meteorologist Emily Sutton--who wasn't quite the glass ceiling crasher I made her out to be--earned approval votes from 90% of you guys.)

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