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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Emily Sutton

In most places around the country, the local weather is report is provided by a leggy blonde with a large rack.  Here in Oklahoma, we call those Fox 25 reporters.  For the weather, though, that has been man's work for the entire length of my lifetime.  Until now...

Noted Star Trek enthusiast and chief meteorologist at KFOR, Mike Morgan, has become Oklahoma City's Branch Rickey by hiring Emily Sutton and giving her the opportunity to actually go on air.  So, it's kind of cool that meteorology in this state is no longer as chauvinistic as Augusta National, but you can't just approve of her because she lacks testicles (or you can, I guess, your call).  For those who want more, here are some highlights from Emily's KFOR profile:

Favorite Car: Ford Taurus!

Sounds like Mike might be progressive when it comes to hiring, but he may still be paying women 70 cents on the dollar like every other employer in the country.

Happiest moment in my life was: Seeing my first "baby"

Typical woman.  Oh wait, there was more to that entry...

tornado on April 22, Oklahoma, nonetheless.

I guess that makes sense.

Best movie of all time: Twister!

She realizes that movie stars her competition at News 9, right?

Favorite Book: The Twilight Series...yeah, I said it.

Disapprove.  (Or don't, your choice--after the jump.)

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