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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Andrew Speno

If KOKH anchor Andrew Speno were to die tomorrow, his obituary would have to lead with ushering in the Brad Henry era.  In 2002, Oklahoma was in full post-9/11 pro-George W. Bush Mania.  Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Largent seemed like a shoo-in to succeed Frank Keating and continue the piss poor leadership of the state.  But, Brad Henry ran a good campaign, won supporters by showing off his cute family, hitched his wagon to Barry Switzer, and most importantly, Largent granted an interview to a real journalist.

While most media in Oklahoma offer puff pieces to prospective politicians, Speno actually asks serious questions, and then follows up on non-answers...which is ironic considering Speno works for an affiliate of the network that employs Glenn Beck.  Largent took exception, and told Speno his questions were "bullshit" on camera.  Compared to Henry's wholesome image, Largent's profanity sifted away enough of his supporters to Independent Gary Richardson for Henry to pull off the win.  As a result, The Flaming Lips have the state's official rock song, and the ridiculously conservative legislature has been kept in check for eight years.

Recently, Speno interviewed another uber-conservative gubernatorial hopeful.  In that interview, Speno got Randy Brogdon to admit that he believes federal child labor laws are overreaching and that the government should not offer social security.  Those are some popular beliefs.

Anyway, after the jump, tell us if you approve of Speno's true journalism or if you disapprove of intrusive questions.

(Last week, Rusty Surette of News-9 earned an approval rating of 67%...apparently, I was the only one ticked off by his tease about a picture of a News-9 pool party that included a fully clothed girl and two half naked men.)

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