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The Paparazzi Boy from Edmond is Popular…

12:23 AM EDT on May 13, 2010

By now, you've probably already seen the viral video of the 6th grade kid from Edmond playing a cover a Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at some school event.  The video has been viewed by over 3-million people on YouTube and the boy "” his name is Greyson "” will be on Ellen today.

So far, people seem to be more fascinated with the facial expressions of the girls watching Greyson perform than they actually are with Greyson's performance.  This is for a good reason, because the girls in the video either look sheepishly in love or ridiculously bored.  Just check this other video that's shot farther out than the more popular viral version

Dear God, where does this kid go the school?  The Castle Anthrax? I haven't seen a guy-to-girl ratio like that since I accidentally walked into the Affair of the Heart.

Anyway, from a brief clip that's on the Ellen website, Greyson claims that he's got a lot of phone numbers from 6th grade girls.  That's good, because once the bullies beat him up for playing a masterful solo rendition of a Lady Gaga song at the 6th grade festival and stealing all the girls, he'll need a lot of help getting nursed back to health.  Just ask Clark Matthews.  He still can't listen to a CeCe Peniston after all these years.

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