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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Jim Traber’s Ex-Wife

12:00 PM EDT on May 10, 2010

If you've ever listened to Jim Traber on the radio, you'd probably know that his three least favorite people in the world are Roger Clemons, his Ex-Wife and Bob Knight.  By posting this picture of who we think may be Jim Traber's ex-wife "” the picture was grabbed from his son's Facebook Page and she is tagged as "Mommy Traber" "” I think we may be getting closer to making that prestigious list.

Wow, I was expecting this to be a lot worse.  Going off the description that Jim Traber gives of his ex-wife, I expected this lady to have a warty nose, horns and Kevin Durant's acne.   I figured that we'd uncover a picture of her selling puppies for meth, not apparently rescuing them from the road.

This makes me wonder if Jim Traber isn't being very fair in the description he gives of his ex-wife.  Maybe she doesn't spend her days standing over a cauldron boiling-up potions made of newt tales, kittens and baby pictures while demanding child support payments.  Maybe she's just a regular person who unfortunately married a loud, belligerent bully and then made that bully upset when she left him.

Anyway, I guess none of that really matters.  What does matter is that JimTraber's ex wife was probably hot 20 or so years ago, so she makes this list.  She also probably knows how to break in a baseball mitt and owns several Men at Work compilation albums.   She's also seen Jim Traber naked.  Lucky lady, huh.

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