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Holy Liz Dueweke!

Meet Liz Dueweke.  Liz is a reporter for the Fox 25 Morning News and comes to Oklahoma from Detroit/Flint where she was maybe fired from some TV station for making resume tapes. Here at The Lost Ogle, we call that being "Brus'ed."

Anyway, as her Twitter profile pic accurately shows, Liz is hot.  Very hot.

First of all, I guess we should all thank Channel 25 for this great hire.  I don't know if their goal is to please The Lost Ogle when they get new talent, but it kind of seems like it.

In fact, I now wonder if there is a competition with the local TV channels too see which one can hire the most hot chicks.   If so, Channel 25 is doing a good job!  Hell, Liz is so hot that they probably mailed her picture to Channel 4 along with a little note that read "We see your Joleen Chaney and raise you with this!"  On cue, Bob Barry Jr. then probably snatched away the picture and ran off to the bathroom.

I guess the only fault with Liz is her last name.  Dueweke doesn't do it for me.  It sounds to much like doohickey, which is what Brent Skarky calls some weird little part on his bicycle.  She should have a cool last name like Patrick or Beeann.  Either one of those would be cool.

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