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Ogle Madness III: South Region, Second Round

If we know what our readers like, it's boobs.  But if there's a second thing, it's voting.  Otherwise, why would you be reading this Ogle Madness posting?  After you get finished voting on the last region of our second round, I have another job for you. is having a dance team competition and our own Thunder Girls, who just knocked Bob Stoops out of Ogle Madness, are also making a run at winning that vote.  You might be able to vote in that competition even if you're using Internet Explorer.

But first:

(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (8) The Pioneer Woman
(4) Jennifer Pierce vs. (12) Mike Gundy
(6) Rascal Racers vs. (3) Brad Henry
(10) Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow vs. (2) Wayne Coyne

(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (8) The Pioneer Woman

About Kristin Chenoweth:

Conference:Ogle Madness Champions

Who she is: Emmy & Tony Award Winning Actress

Biggest Strength: Winning Things.

Biggest Weakness: Giving an Ogle Madness championship acceptance speech like this one.


About The Pioneer Woman:

Conference: Oklahoma Bloggers

Who she is: The world's most famous Mommy Blogger

Biggest Strength: Winning national blog awards.

Biggest Weakness: Linking to The Lost Ogle.



(4) Jennifer Pierce vs. (12) Mike Gundy

About Jennifer Pierce:

Conference: Hot Local News Chicks

Who she is: 2nd Hottest Woman in the OKC News Media

Biggest Strength: Taking fun pictures.

Biggest Weakness: Posting these pictures on the internet.


About Mike Gundy:

Conference: Crazed Football Coaches

Who he is: Head Coach of Oklahoma State Cowboys

Biggest Strength: Yelling at Jenni Carlson

Biggest Weakness: Defeating quality opponents



(6) Rascal Racers vs. (3) Brad Henry

About Rascal Racers:

Conference: The Great State Fair of Oklahoma

Who they are: Winners of our 2009 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest.

Biggest Strength: Racing to the next concession stand at the State Fair.

Biggest Weakness: Walking.


About Brad Henry:

Conference: Local Politicians

Who he is: Governor of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Popularity.

Biggest Weakness: Punctuality.



(10) Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow vs. (2) Wayne Coyne

About Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow:

Conference: OKCPD

Who she is: PR person for the Oklahoma City Police Department

Biggest Strength: Entertaining us with her serious, matter-of-fact descriptions of odd crimes.

Biggest Weakness: Angering our female fan base by replacing Paco Balderrama.


About Wayne Coyne:

Conference: Super Star Musicians

Who he is: Lead Singer of The Flaming Lips.

Biggest Strength: Writing amazing pop songs.

Biggest Weakness: Taking baths in his front yard.



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