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Ogle Madness III: West Region, second round

UPDATE: We are having major issues with our polling plug-in and Internet Explorer.  Until we get the issue resolved, which may involve jumping back to our old theme, you can only vote in good browsers like FireFox, Chrome, etc.

As I write this, I am in an awful mood.  I just watched a depressing Thunder loss that increased ten-fold the likelihood of me someday storming the court to hit Manu Ginobili in his punchtastic face.  I'm also staying up past my new bedtime of 9:30 and praying that Clark, JrJr decides to make this the night he doesn't wake up every 45 minutes leading to me spending many hours sitting in the nursery recliner so I can wake up without a neck that is oddly angled.  But, mostly, I'm perturbed that it isn't me on the verge of knocking Kelly Ogle out of Ogle Madness.  Maybe next year after my breast augmentation surgery.

After the jump, you can vote on these matchups:

(3) Kelly Ogle vs. (6) Jesse Jane
(2) Mayor Mick vs. (7) Regular Jim Traber
(1) Carrie Underwood vs. (9) Chera Kimiko
(4) Bob Stoops vs. (5) Thunder Girls

(6) Jesse Jane vs. (3) Kelly Ogle

About Jesse Jane:

Conference: Flesh

Who she is: Porn Star

Biggest Strength: Hot fans.

Biggest Weakness: Uhm"¦her acting skills.


About Kelly Ogle:

Conference: Actual Ogles

Who he is: The Ogle who most embraces the nepotism he benefitted from.

Biggest Strength: Ripping off his dad's segment.

Biggest Weakness: Being hip.



(7) Regular Jim Traber vs. (2) Mayor Mick

About Regular Jim Traber:

Conference: Fans of

Who he is: Loudmouthed jerk and purveyor of recycled insults

Biggest Strength: Breaking in baseball mitts

Biggest Weakness: Realizing when he's being made to look a fool on Twitter


About Mayor Mick:

Conference: Mayoral Demigods

Who he is: The man behind Oklahoma City now being "Big League"

Biggest Strength: Long term planning/Vision

Biggest Weakness: Blowing out chump competition/FOGzie



(1) Carrie Underwood vs. (9) Chera Kimiko

About Carrie Underwood:

Conference: Hot Country Singers

Who she is: American Idol Winner and Country Music Superstars

Biggest Strength: Her ring and her hair (according to Patrick's sister-in-law)

Biggest Weakness: She whines in all of her songs (according to Patrick's sister-in-law)


About Chera Kimiko:

Conference: Hot local news chicks

Who she is: News Anchor for Fox 23 (Tulsa)

Biggest Strength: Making us wish that she worked in Oklahoma City

Biggest Weakness: Working in Tulsa



(4) Bob Stoops vs. (5) Thunder Girls

About Bob Stoops:

Conference: Football Coaches

Who he is: Head Coach at the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Winning Football Games

Biggest Weakness: Winning Championships


About the Thunder Girls:

Conference: NBA Dancers

Who they are: Dance Team for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Strength: Looking Pretty.

Biggest Weakness: Dancing. Angering Ms. Clark Matthews.


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