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Ogle Madness III: East Region, Second Round

12:58 AM EDT on March 22, 2010

First of all, yes, we are in the middle of a slight remodel.  We hoped to have everything working today, but as with any remodel, one of the contractors was late, and the paint didn't match what was on the wood chip.  Hopefully, it will be completed soon.

Anyway, today we tip-off the second round of Ogle Madness III.  Today's games are from the East Region and will be played in Pawhuska.  The East Region, so far, has held true to form, with no upsets taking place.  Here are the match-ups:

(1) Gary England vs. (8) Bob Barry Jr.
(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (5) Amy McRee
Lauren Richardson vs. (6) Mark Rodgers
(2) Sam Bradford vs. (7)
Berry Tramel

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(1) Gary England vs. (8) Bob Barry Jr.

About Gary England:

Last Game: Defeated (16) Chad Istook 387 - 65.

Conference: Idols of the Lost Ogle

Who he is: The most powerful person in Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Protecting Oklahomans from those terrible twisters with presentations of Those Terrible Twisters. Determining who lives and dies.  Promoting Lost Ogle drinking games.

Biggest Weakness: He uses his Facebook account to repeat Jim Inhofe talking points about climate change.


About Bob Barry, Jr.:

Last Week: Defeated (9) Al Eschbach 227 - 217

Conference: Nepotistic Sports Anchors

Who he is: Sports Director for KFOR Channel 4

Biggest Strength: I don't know, buddy!  Why don't you tell me!!!

Biggest Weakness: Abiding by the KFOR Employee Handbook.  Donuts.



(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (5) Amy McRee

About Jessica Schambach:

Last Game: Defeated (13) the J'Ordy 380 - 87

Conference: Confederation of Hot News Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchor for KOCO Channel 5

Biggest Strength: Getting Paul Folger's attention.

Biggest Weakness: Responding to personalized love letters and poems.


About Amy McRee:

Last Game: Defeated (12) the Larry Nichols 344 - 118

Conference: Confederation of Hot News Chicks

Who she is: The one in the middle

Biggest Strength: Beautiful eyes and smile

Biggest Weakness: Lack of a belly button ring



(3) Lauren Richardson vs. (6) Mark Rodgers

About Lauren Richardson:

Last Game: Defeated (14) the Mathis Brothers 478 - 136

Conference: Former Ogle Madness Champs

Who she is: Morning News Reporter for KOKH Channel 25

Biggest Strength: Sucking on nuts in the morning.

Biggest Weakness: Understanding copyright law.


About Mark Rodgers:

Last Game: Defeated (11) Ferris O'Brien 325 - 316

Conference: Non-idiotic Sports Animal Hosts

Who he is: Lunchtime sports talker, night time television sportscaster

Biggest Strength: The ability to talk down to idiot callers

Biggest Weakness: Still has a man crush on Regular Jim Traber



(2) Sam Bradford vs. (7) Berry Tramel

About Sam Bradford:

Last Game: Defeated Coburn/Inhofe 473 - 132

Conference: Heisman Heroes

Who he is: Former Heisman winning Quarterback at the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Making the Ogle Madness final four

Biggest Weakness: Taking hits.


About Berry Tramel:

Last Game: Defeated Jack and Ron 353 - 302

Conference: The Dark Tower

Who he is: Sports Columnist and Sports Talk host

Biggest Strength: Irritating Regular Jim Traber

Biggest Weakness: His voice


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