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Ogle Madness: South Region ““ Upper Bracket

Today we start the second week of Ogle Madness III.  Last week, we had a bunch of close battles but only a few upsets.  Check out Chad's recap for more information.

Anyway, here are today's games.  We start things off in the South Region.

(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (16) Alex Cameron's HBO Shirt
(8) The Pioneer Woman vs. (9) Dean Blevins
(4) Jennifer Pierce vs. (13) Mary Fallin
(5) Jamie Cerreta vs. (12) Mike Gundy

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(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (16) Alex Cameron's HBO Shirt

About Kristin Chenoweth:

Conference:Ogle Madness Champions

Who she is: Emmy & Tony Award Winning Actress

Biggest Strength: Winning Things.

Biggest Weakness: Giving an Ogle Madness championship acceptance speech like this one.


About Alex Cameron's HBO Shirt:

Conference: Old Shirts

What it is: An article of clothing from News 9 anchor Alex Cameron's wardrobe

Biggest Strength: Reminding us to watch old Dream On, Tales from the Crypt and HBO Feature Presentation video clips.

Biggest Weakness: Sweat stains.  Fading.



(8) The Pioneer Woman vs. (9) Dean Blevins

About The Pioneer Woman:

Conference: Oklahoma Bloggers

Who she is: The world's most famous Mommy Blogger

Biggest Strength: Winning national blog awards.

Biggest Weakness: Linking to The Lost Ogle.


About Dean Blevins:

Conference: Local Sports Anchors

Who he is: Sports Director for KWTV Channel 9

Biggest Strength: Women.  Urination.  Fainting.

Biggest Weakness: Percentages.



(4) Jennifer Pierce vs. (13) Mary Fallin

About Jennifer Pierce:

Conference: Hot Local News Chicks

Who she is: 2nd Hottest Woman in the OKC News Media

Biggest Strength: Taking fun pictures.

Biggest Weakness: Posting these pictures on the internet.


About Mary Fallin:

Conference: Crazed politicians

Who she is: Next Governor of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength:Faith, Family and Freedom

Biggest Weakness: Highway Patrolmen



(5) Jamie Cerreta vs. (12) Mike Gundy

About Jamie Cerreta:

Conference: Hot News Chicks

Who she is: Evening Anchor for KOCO Channel 25

Biggest Strength: Sticking around.

Biggest Weakness: Lack of pictures that show lunges.


About Mike Gundy:

Conference: Crazed Football Coaches

Who he is: Head Coach of Oklahoma State Cowboys

Biggest Strength: Yelling at Jenni Carlson

Biggest Weakness: Defeating quality opponents



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