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Ogle Madness 3: East Region “” Lower Bracket

7:00 PM EST on March 9, 2010

Today's Ogle Madness games come from the top half of the East Region.  Here are the match ups:

(6) Mark Rodgers vs. (11) Ferris O'Brien
(3) Lauren Richardson  vs. (14) The Mathis Brothers
(7) Berry Trammel vs. (10) Jack and Ron

(2) Sam Bradford vs. (15) Tom Coburn/Jim Inhofe

Read about each participant and vote after the jump!

(6) Mark Rodgers vs. (11) Ferris O'Brien

About Mark Rodgers:

Conference: Non-idiotic Sports Animal Hosts

Who he is: Lunchtime sports talker, night time television sportscaster

Biggest Strength: The ability to talk down to idiot callers

Biggest Weakness: Still has a man crush on Regular Jim Traber


About Ferris O'Brien:

Conference: Obscure local alternative channels

Who he is: Owner / Program Director / Janitor at 105.3 The Spy FM

Biggest Strength: Listening to bloggers when they pitch a radio show

Biggest Weakness: Knowing when to say no.



(3) Lauren Richardson  vs. (14) The Mathis Brothers

About Lauren Richardson:

Conference: Former Ogle Madness Champs

Who she is: Morning News Reporter for KOKH Channel 25

Biggest Strength: Sucking on nuts in the morning.

Biggest Weakness: Understanding copyright law.


About The Mathis Brothers:

Conference: 3434's

Who they are: Local Furniture Demi Gods

Biggest Strength: Holding babies.  Sitting next to dogs.

Biggest Weakness: Keeping their salesmen on a leash.



(7) Berry Trammel vs. (10) Jack and Ron

About Berry Trammel:

Conference: The Dark Tower

Who he is: Sports Columnist and Sports Talk host

Biggest Strength: Irritating Regular Jim Traber

Biggest Weakness: His voice


About Jack and Ron:

Conference: Morning Jocks

Who they are:Morning Dee-Jays for KISS 98.9

Biggest Strength: Talking about funny stuff

Biggest Weakness: Making people laugh



(2) Sam Bradford vs. (15) Tom Coburn/Jim Inhofe

About Sam Bradford:

Conference: Heisman Heroes

Who he is: Former Heisman winning Quarterback at the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Making the Ogle Madness final four

Biggest Weakness: Taking hits.


About Tom Coburn/Jim Inhofe:

Conference: Federal Lawmakers

Who they are: Oklahoma's United States Senators

Biggest Strength: Eschewing reality.  Jim Inhofe thinks snow is proof that global warming is a hoax, while Tom Coburn thinks that blocking federal funds from coming to Oklahoma makes him a good public servant.

Biggest Weakness: Making headlines.  For two worthless senators, they certainly know how to get on TV.



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