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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Jed Castles

There is a story, which is completely apocryphal, about former New York Yankee first baseman Wally Pipp.  Pipp was a star for the greatest dynasty in baseball history, a sidekick to Babe Ruth, but one day he complained to his manager about a migraine headache.  Pipp was benched and in his place, Lou Gehrig was inserted into the line up.  Gehrig never missed another game until he contracted a disease so bad they named it after him.

You probably won't be donating to the "Jed Castles Disease Foundation."

For thirteen years, Jed has been the "heir apparent" to the great Gary England, but unlike Wally Pipp, England has never left an opening for Castles to take his place.  But as a backup weatherman, and morning guy for Channel 9, Castles has carved out a niche as Gary's number 2.  Has that been enough to leave an impression?

You tell us.

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We missed a week, but the last time we did this, Jenni Carlson managed a 21% approval rating.  It kind of kills my ego that approximately 1/5th of our readership thinks Jenni is a good writer.

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