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Lost Ogle Mailbag: Winter Weather Edition

Well, it finally happened.

Saturday night, I decided to brave the roads and hang out with some friends for a birthday party.  The party was only 10 minutes from home, so I figured I'd be okay.

From my house, I ventured to 1-44 & Penn and merged onto the highway.  A half-minute later, I found myself doing a 360 across three lanes of traffic, slow-lane to fast-lane, and directly headed towards a snow-cushioned concrete retaining wall.  During this interesting moment, I thought two things:

    1. I'm about to get in my first wreck
    2. I hope another car doesn't hit me

Unfortunately, I got in my first wreck.  Fortunately, all the cars behind me were able to dodge my vehicle as it hung sideways into the left lane of I-44.  Also, the grill guard on the front of my (rear-wheel drive) SUV prevented "major" damage, so I was able to drive off the highway to the shoulder, and eventually back home.

Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this scary (for me) story is because I now know why so many people avoid the roads in this crazy winter weather.  And maybe that helps explain why our email inbox was a little bit more full than normal.  Check out a winter-edition of The Lost Ogle mailbag after jump.

Hey guys,

Longtime listener, first-time caller. Loving the ice/snow storm coverage this week. Sounds like the OKC weather folks were not much different from the ones here in Tulsa this week.

After the Christmas Eve storm I took the liberty of commemorating Oklahoma winters - specifically Oklahoma's blissful ignorance of modern road-clearing procedures used in the rest of the country - in musical form, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. I would have left this in the comments but it seemed too shamelessly self-promotional and bands that do that kind of thing annoy the living crap out of me.

Anyway, please to enjoy if you so desire. Lyrics very NSFW, which was really the only logical choice.

- Acoustic Ross

Hey, we loved the song!  And never be too shy to shamelessly self promote in the comments.  Chad does it every day.


Subject: Mike Morgan is a mad man

I couldn't resist...

- G.H.

This is pretty funny.  We just need Mike Morgan to wear a cape, have fangs and be biting the neck of Emily Sutton.


Subject: Please write about British storm chaser

I just saw the 10:00 news from channel 9 and they featured their newest storm chaser - a guy from England who's always dreamed of coming to Oklahoma. He said the first time he met Gary England he "giggled like a school girl."

You guys must take this and run.



I think it's good that we have an English storm chaser.  The fact that he's English already makes him more credible, plus it will be cool to see what happens if a tornado hits around tea time.

Also, when Gary England mentioned us during the climax of the Winter Weather Ice Death 2010 live coverage, well, it made us climax like a school girl.


Subject: Bob Moore Car Commercials

I don't know who this woman is but I suspect she's related to Bob Moore. You have no TV talent and if you say, "respectfully yours" ever again, I think I am going to rip my eyeballs out. Please stop dressing like a teenager, wearing loud prints and  hip-hugging pants that only emphasize how underweight you are. I can only assume that you have an eating disorder and severe self esteem issues, evidenced by the fact that you constantly change your hair and weight for these horrible commercials.


Yeah. Commercials like this make me miss Tom Park....I think.

(p.s.- I know this has nothing to do with icy weather, but it shows how irritated people can get from being inside for 96 hours.)


Subject: Gary England Drinking Game

Of all the people ever to rip off the Gary England Drinking Game, you're the first to give me credit.

Thank you and keep up the outstanding work.

Ryan McGhee

You, Mr. McGhee, are an Honorary Ogle.  We worship you.


Anyway, we received other emails, but most of them had to do with Steve Hunt running for mayor. Yes, that Steve Hunt.  Anyway, if you have an email to send to us, send it to

Bob Moore Car Commercials

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