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Bob Mills Goes Where Even The Mathis Brothers Haven’t

By Tony

7:27 AM EST on January 27, 2010

I was flipping through the premium channels on Cox digital cable the other day totally not looking for porn when I stumbled on the above, which is a photo of the fact that there are two (two!) different channels dedicated to nothing but Bob Mills Furniture (Bob Mills Furniture!). I find this to be, well, pretty strange (exclamation in parentheses!). Also, anyone notice that he's gone back to wearing the sweaters?

Anyway, this got me wondering which other local celebrities deserve their own channels or, at least, their own television shows. After the jump, some ideas:

(Editor's Note: Yep, this is a Tony (Tony!) post.  I think he used to write for this site...a lot.)

The Lance West Does Crazy-Ass Stuff Variety Hour

I used to have this running theory that someone at KFOR was actually trying to kill poor Lance West. He gets tazed, dumped into icy ponds, put in burning cars, all kinds of crazy stuff. But apparently he likes to do these sort of activities. And now he's taken to drinking out of toilets or something? I'm not really sure what is going on with that tweet. Anyway, what won't Lance West do? We should find out! I would totally watch an hour of nothing but him doing weird stuff.


Mike Steely Tries To Drive A Stick Shift

Mike Steely mentioned the other day he doesn't know how to drive a stick. He also mentioned he was hoping the Lost Ogle wasn't listening at that moment. Sorry, Steelman! Let's make this one happen. I say we start him at the bottom one of those hills on Eastern near Millwood.



Something about the Ogles

Still working on a premise for this show, but preliminary title ideas include "My Three Ogles," "Three Ogles and a (Rusty) McCrainie," and "Three Ogles, One Cup." I think we can all agree to rule that last one out.


The Justice League Of Oklahoma

Just kidding.


Bobbie Burbridge Lane Dares To Be Nosy

It would be kind of like "Kitchen Nightmares," except that instead of people hiring Gordon Ramsey to fix their crappy restaurants, it would be parents hiring Bobbie Burbridge Lane to hack into their kids computer and put the parental block on their tv's. I also picture a scene with Bobbie Burbridge Lane peeking out from behind a tree making sure your teen doesn't get to second base at the park after school.


So You Think You Can Host A 10 PM Local Newscast In A Medium Size Market?

We all love Linda Cavanaugh. But let's be honest, she is not going to be around forever. As she recovers from hip replacement surgery, I think it's time for KFOR to give us a reality show to determine her eventual successor. If you don't want to watch Ali Meyer and Ed Doney form an alliance and double-cross Meg Alexander, I don't even know you any more. Challenges like "What to do when the wrong video is on the screen" and "How to make that awkward transition from story about double-homicide to story about a dog that does amusing things" should make for decent television.


Weather Freakout 2010

Looks like they beat me to this idea. Stay safe, everybody.

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