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6:00 PM EST on November 1, 2009


Avast ye hardies! Belay yer moanin', ye scurrvy sea dogs! Yer swarthy news talker, Jason Doyle, has a new wardrobe fer yer All Hallows' Eve!  OETA and KTOK news reporter Jason Doyle took TLO's advice: "Seriously, though, to be Jason Doyle, just grow out a beard and then steal some kids uniform from Long John Silvers."  Cap'n Jason opted for the traditional Jolly Roger pirate look over the ambiguously gay  pirate look that Johnny Depp made so popular the last few years. 

Given the budget situation all over state government and even at OETA, maybe Ol' Jason can sail the OETA schooner into the port o' Channel 9 and steal some treasure to keep Big Bird and Elmo on the air.  Unless, of course, Gary England sends a tropical storm his way . . .

(No word yet on whether or not Lori Rasmussen received the pirate costume we ordered for her or not . . . guess we'll have to wait for next year.)

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