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Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller are ridiculous…

12:00 AM EDT on October 22, 2009

Two nights ago, KFOR news goddess Joleen Chaney (blonde) sent out a tweet that linked to a picture of her and co-news goddess Bobbie Miller (brunette).  Take that, Schmarlo!


Wow.  What a picture.  I wonder what Bob Barry Jr. did when he saw this picture in his twitter feed? Let's hope he wasn't at the gym or somewhere public, because that would have been really embarrassing.

Anyway, I think this picture all but confirms that Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller are totally screwing with our minds...and doing so quite successfully. They kind of remind me of the super hot girls at SKYY Bar who dance seductively and blow kisses at me from across the dance floor, but when I approach, can't understand why a guy like me only cares about a girl's intelligence, personality and her knowledge of the Jedi arts.  Or something like that.

Also, by sending out tweets like this, it's safe to assume that Chaney and Miller are skyrocketing to the top of our upcoming "Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City" media rankings. The only thing that can stop them are TwitPics involving Jaime Cerreta and Lisa Monahan, Jessica Schambach and Amanda Guerra, and Jenni Carlson and Peggy Gandy. Another thing could be us forgetting to write the damn post, but I seriously doubt that would ever happen.

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