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Rand Elliott is weird

This is kind of old news, but I recently stumbled across this video at NewsOK.  It's about some weird "Tubinomic" skyscraper that local Architect Rand Elliot designed and now wants to build in downtown Oklahoma City.

I'm not too sure about this project.  Yeah, it's kind of cool, but I think it's a little bit too different.  Of course, it was designed by Rand Elliot.  There's a reason he came in #76 on our list of the Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments. Here's what we had to say way back then.

This Frank Lloyd Wright wannabe is littering the Oklahoma architecture scene with atrociously out of place buildings. My wife would tell you that he designs buildings to look good in photographs. They do. Of course, buildings exist outside of magazines and typically are counted on to be functional. While the Chesapeake Boathouse is actually kind of neat, he is also responsible for that weird broken glass stuff at Kirkpatrick Bank in Edmond and most reprehensibly the funky, rave-like underground tunnels in downtown OKC.

First of all, let me say that blurb above "” and Rand's placement on our list "” was the result of Clark Matthews.  Secondly, let me say that I totally want to do drugs with Rand Elliot.

Seriously, if the glasses, hair cut and bizarre buildings he designs didn't give it away, Rand Elliot is one weird dude.  Hell, he's almost as weird as Wayne Coyne.  It would be fun to get him totally stoned and hear him tell stories about robots, aliens and how the lights in the Underground were inspired by a little orange tablet and the Wizard of Oz.  It would also be fun to see if he had any good stories about Ackerman-McQueen.  The people at Ackerman McQueen are weirdos!

p.s.- I called the people at Ackerman McQueen weirdos in hopes that their president will a Visual Image and leave an awkward message in the comments section.  But seriously, they are weirdos.

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