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Lauren Richardson likes nuts…

12:02 AM EDT on September 14, 2009

As you know, we like Lauren Richardson.  She's attractive, a good reporter, and perhaps most importantly, doesn't want to be the middle-aged woman at the bar by herself.  She also likes to suck on nuts in the morning.  Yeah...

Who knows why Lauren said what she said.  Maybe she really does like to start off her day with a handful of tasty almonds or maybe she's just jealous of all the recent attention we've been giving to Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller.  Regardless of her intentions, one thing is certain: I am going to watch the KOKH Morning Show every damn morning...or at least pretend to.

Seriously, Lauren Richardson is just that awesome.  If Channel 25 were smart, they'd give Lauren her very own show.  It would feature Lauren, some midgets and maybe a couple of circus clowns.  It could even have a local segment where Lauren wears a pink bikini and interviews obscure local social bloggers.  We'd watch that show for sure.

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