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Channel 4’s ‘Blogilicious’ is weird…

12:04 AM EDT on September 8, 2009


Last week, KFOR unleashed upon Oklahoma City its bizarre blogging/social networking concept called "Blogilicious."  Apparently, it's a central location for Channel 4 personalities to share "interesting" tidbits about their lives.  For example, want to learn about Bob Barry Jr.'s fascination with peanut butter, check out blogilicious.  Want to know about aliens abducting Kevin Ogle's wife, check out Blogalicious.  Want to learn about Linda Cavanaugh's favorite cuss words, don't check out blogilicious.

To make the site even stranger, Channel 4 viewers can create a blog to tell us about their credit problems, or simply creep out and harass Chellie Mills. Who doesn't want to read good stuff like that!

Anyway, I'm not too sure about Blogilicious.  It's just weird.  So far, the only valuable thing I've learned from the site is that Joleen Chaney enjoys taking candid photos of Bobbie Miller.  That makes me think that the people at Channel 4 are just now f*cking with us.  Seriously, next week they'll probably have Bobbie and Joleen sample new bubble bath fragrances inside an abandoned Italian villa, but then cut to a commercial right after they light some candles and get in the tub and decide to play a casual game of truth or dare.

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