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Lost Ogle Q&A: Lauren Richardson


Yesterday,we published a Lost Ogle Q&A with Kelly Ogle.  Today we have an interview with Lauren Richardson.  I guess you can say our birthday celebration has officially become a multi-day event!  Hooray!

Anyway, for those who don't know, Lauren Richardson is the morning news reporter for KOKH Fox 25.  In addition to that, she is the Ogle Madness I Champion and was named the Hottest Woman in the Oklahoma City News Media in late 2007.  She also likes whipped cream straight from the bottle.

After the jump, discover which local personality she thinks is "kind of" handsome for an old dude, how she thinks she can win Ogle Madness III and where Myron Patton hid his mustache.

Q: After we heard you were engaged, we conducted an informal poll on The Lost Ogle to see if it was a good idea. 97.3% of the people thought it was a bad idea and thought that you should remain forever single. Our readers are pretty bright people. What do you have to say to them?

A: Well I appreciate your kind words.. But, I don't want to be that middle aged woman at the bar by herself.

Q:  When you're not log rolling at the State Fair or making cup cakes, what do you do for fun?

A: I been working on raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My goal is to raise $30,000, I have until May 21st.  Every dollar helps so if you can, please donate at

Q: Other than The Lost Ogle, what's your favorite thing about Oklahoma?

A: I would have to say the people.  In fact, I am marrying one of them.

Q: According to your bio, you used to live and work in Rapid City, South Dakota. Which is worse: living in South Dakota or having Bob Barry Jr. flirt with you?

A: Definitely South Dakota.  And I think Bob Barry Jr. is kind of handsome for an older gentleman...

Q: Speaking of flirting, do you miss Brent Weber?

A: Of course we miss Brent, but Matt's a great replacement. I am surprised you all don't have a man crush on him yet!

Q: After winning the inaugural Ogle Madness, you were absolutely destroyed by Kristin Chenoweth on her path to claiming the Ogle Madness II championship. What are you going to do to increase your chances of winning Ogle Madness III?

A: I think I need to find myself a great pink bikini, a lake and some friends.  And hopefully somebody cares enough to post it!

Q: When you go to Braum's, do the employees recognize you?

A: Well they usually ask me if I want cherries or nuts on the sundae.  But generally I go through the drive through with big glasses on!

Q: We think that John Slater looks like a grown version of the little boy from Jerry Maguire? Does he act like the boy, too, and ask a bunch of silly innocent questions?

A: Yes, John says it's his son. He claims the boy was conceived during a previous relationship with your mother!

Q: What happened to Myron Patton's mustache?

A: Last time I checked he kept the clippings in a baggy right above his desk.

Q: Who would win a wrestling match: Nick Winkler or Curtis Fitzpatrick?

A: If Nick Winkler can take on the paper and the church, I think he just might be able to take on Curtis Fitzpatrick.

Q: While we're at it, who would win a wrestling match between Britten Follett and Lisa Monahan?

A: This would be no competition. Follett is like 6'5 and her favorite Barbie doll is Wrestlemania Barbie.

Q: We heard the Brent Skarky carved his name on a stall in the womens bathroom right before he left Channel 25. Any truth?

A: He left a lot marks in this building, but one of them is not is name in the bathroom. At least I don't think so...but I've never met the guy!

Q: Do you know if Andrew Speno is finally donating his salary to the "Save Jaime Cerreta" Fund?

A: Andrew is always looking for a great cause to donate to. But there has to be a tax deduction and last time I checked Sassy Ceretta doesn't qualify.

Q: Who is your favorite editor of The Lost Ogle? Before you answer, remember that Clark Matthews is a married, semi-pro checkers player, and that I am a handsome, independently wealthy gentleman with an appreciation for light-hearted romantic comedies and all expenses paid vacations to fine Mediterranean resorts.

A: Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. He's the bomb dot com...And he's always nice to me..

Q: Final question: Other than the lost one, who is your favorite Ogle brother?

A: Walter K. Ogle...he's in my Fav 5.

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