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Lost Ogle Q & A: Kelly Ogle


Last year, we celebrated our first birthday with an interview with Mayor Cornett.  This year, the mayor was too busy avoiding Steve Lackmeyer's phone calls to answer our questions, so we went with the next best thing: Kelly Ogle.

For those who found The Lost Ogle today by performing a Google safe search for Ashlynn Brooke and have no clue who Kelly Ogle is, we should tell you that he's one of three TV anchors in the Oklahoma City metro with the last name Ogle.  We should also tell you that these Ogles are all brothers, and that two of them have their own nightly editorial segments.  Lastly, we should let you know that we are in no way, shape or form related to them.  We are much better looking.

Anyway, after the jump find out which Ogle brother was best with the ladies, why Kelly uses the message board alias KingPin, and what Amy McRee does during commercial breaks.

Q: Thanks so much for this interview.  When we first started this site, we tossed around several different names before settling upon The Lost Ogle.   How many different names did you toss around before coming up with "My Two Cents."

A: Just two..."If You Don't like it, Lump It" didn't research well.

Q: When Kevin came out with The Rant, did you tease him and call him a copycat.

A: No, that would have been juvenile.  Instead, me and my kids dumped $57 worth of pennies on his front lawn.

Q: Kent still doesn't have his own nightly opinion piece.  At Thanksgiving dinner do you all make him sit at the card table in the den with all the kids?  If so, do you at least give the table its own basket of rolls or bowl of mashed potatoes?

A: Yes we do, and the kids are of course enchanted by his tales of encroachments on our once laissez-faire economy.

Q: Out of the all Ogle brothers, which one was the smoothest with the ladies during high school?

A: Kent.  He had that Cool Hand Luke aura"¦ minus the hard boiled eggs.

Q: And who was the best athlete?

A: Kevin.   He is tall, WAS fast, and COULD really jump.  Plus, he had hair long wavy hair like Peter Frampton's.   Come to think of it.. he still has hair like Peter Frampton's.

Q: What's it like working with Gary England? We heard he sits upon a throne made of golf ball sized hail during commercial breaks and that interns and weekend anchors have to bow while in his presence.  Any truth?

A: That's a great visual!  Standby... I'm just going to run down the hall to our promotions department.  Gary's a regular guy so he might not go for it, but I'll bet we could get Hobby Lobby to underwrite it with some Styrofoam balls.

Q: When Mick Cornett becomes a congressman, do you see history repeating itself and Ed Murray being our next mayor?

A: I could definitely see Ed running for office some day, and he would be an excellent spokesman for Oklahoma City just as Mayor Mick has been.   And we could use a similar alliteration for Ed's campaign..."Mayor Murray", or even "Mayor Mr. Ed" with a horseshoe for a logo.  Just a thought.

Q: Toby Rowland told us that Curtis Fitzpatrick left KWTV because Gan Matthews gave him wedgies. Is this why they moved Gan to Cleveland County?

A: Could be, we've lost a lot of them like that.

Q: We've heard your message board handle is King Pin?  What's the story behind that?

A: It's a bowling affectation that dates back to the Earl Anthony days. Some dreams die hard.

Q: Even though he worked for Channel 5, I think it's about time we try to revive Dino Lalli's career. Can you help us out?

A: I wish I could. Dino would love this forum.

Q: What's your "two cents" on the whole Flaming Lips fiasco? Would you have voted for the song?

A:Thanks for watching guys...did it last week.   Flame away you Lips!    Too bad  "Love Tractor" isn't from here, we could be one of the leading exporters of Agri-Rock.

Q: What goes on at KWTV during commercial breaks?

A: Amy knits, Gary does Pilates, and I see how many times I can spend around in my chair without putting my feet down"¦ record's 6!

Q: Out of all the KWTV 9 talent, who wears the most make up?  I say there's a 40% chance that your answer is Dean Blevins.

A: Nope"¦ it's Val!

Q: Our former editor Tony collects Jennifer Reynolds memorabilia.  Can you get her autograph for him?

A: Yes, for a case of Thin Mints. 6 for me and 6 for J-R.

Q: Other than this interview, what has been the highlight of your professional career?

A: Everything else pales in comparison.

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