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Cute Thing the ClarkPupp Does (1)


My son has recently become very concerned about distance.  It all started with an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Goofy or Donald or one of the other Disney characters were playing with Pluto's bouncy ball and managed to bounce it so high that it landed on the moon.  Needless to say, it took a conserted effort that involved a trip on a spaceship and the exhaustion of all four mouseketools before they could retrieve the toy.  At some point, Mickey uttered that the ball was "far away."

Since this episode was first viewed by the ClarkPupp, anything out of his sight is "far away."  Keep in mind there is no distinction between the distance of the pyramids in Egypt or his tricycle on the front porch.  It is always, with a dramatically awe-struck pitch, far away.

You would think this would be a problem based on the sense of urgency that was associated with how he learned things could be far away.  Instead, he seems to understand it as a descriptive term.  "Where's your sippy cup?"  "Sippy cup far away."  "You want to go visit your Grammy?"  "Grammy far away."

Last weekend, Mrs. Matthews was going out to the yard to plant some flowers.  ClarkPupp's favorite thing to do is play outside so my wife asked him if he wanted to go play in the dirt with her.  "Dirt far away," was the only response she got while the ClarkPupp continued to flip through his seek and find Lightning McQueen book.

It was sooooooooo cute!

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