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Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s guilty… (UPDATE!)


The picture above is of Oklahoma City Firefighter Sherry Smith. Last week, she and four other Oklahomans were arrested for either using, making, or distributing steroids.  Fortunately for Sherry, it's still not a crime to totally freak and gross people out.

From the State's most trusted news:

A female firefighter who was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of anabolic steroids Thursday will remain on duty as state officials continue the investigation of steroid trafficking.

Firefighter Sherry Smith, 39, was arrested on misdemeanor complaint of steroid use, said Mark Woodward, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs spokesman.

Because the charges involve misdemeanor possession and because Smith has not been convicted, Deputy Fire Chief Cecil Clay said state and federal, as well as union guidelines are pretty clear on the matter.

I'll be honest with you, I think it's a good idea to keep Sherry on as a firefighter.  For one, she is obviously fit enough to stay on the force.  And two, imagine being a little Hulkamaniac trapped in a burning building and seeing Sherry dash through the smoke to rescue you.  It would have to be comforting to see a miniature Hulkster ready to save your life, right?

Anyway, I guess this goes to show that you should never take steroids.  Not only are they bad for you and can get you in legal trouble, but using them really is cheating.  For example, I'm a chiseled 6' 2" with rock hard abs and only 6% body fat, and I didn't get that way by injecting steroids into my muscly arms.  I got that way through hard work and dedication.  That's a very gratifying feeling, and that's why I encourage everyone to work hard and never ever cheat at anything.  I also encourage people to occasionally bend the truth.

p.s. - Thanks to the Irritated Tulsan for tipping us to Sherri's (currently public) MySpace page where we found the picture above.  To read his thoughts on some of the big steroid bust and the Tulsan's who were arrested, check out his site either today or tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Sherry also has a personal website with even more pictures, her bio and videos of her flexing to country music at what appears to be Lake Draper.  Also, for just $20 a month you can become a member of the site and have access to her HD videos. Who would turn down that amazing offer?

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