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Do they dye Zombie Jesus Day eggs at KFOR Channel 4?


Unless you're Marilyn Manson, posting anything on Twitter that refers to Jesus Christ as a zombie is a probably bad idea.  It's an even worse idea when the tweet comes from a local NBC affiliate's Twitter page and appears on Easter morning.  From KFOR's Twitter:

Happy Zombie Jesus Day Oklahoma(Christians)!

Yes, KFOR posted "Happy Zombie Jesus Day Oklahoma(Christians)!" to Twitter.  It was up for about five hours.  KFOR did eventually remove the...uhm...odd tweet and issue the following apology:

Earlier today a tweet was posted on twitter that was offensive. It did not originate for any employee at KFOR. We consider it a rude prank.

The apology was followed by this tweet:

We are currently investigating the situation.

Well, I guess it's good they removed the post and apologized, but is this really just a "rude prank?"  And what are they investigating?  Is Scott Hines walking the newsroom floor while dressed in a trench coat and deerstalker hat and holding a magnifying glass up to his eye searching for clues?  If so, that's probably a waste of time.

You see, a logical explanation for this mess is that some KFOR employee thought they were signed into their personal Twitter account and oops...they weren't.  That's why I'll bet you a Los Tacos burrito that the person who was in charge of the KFOR Twitter page is now the person who is no longer in charge of the KFOR Twitter page.

Anyway, maybe KFOR should just give up on this Twitter thing.  First, their sports director gets all cozy and "casually" flirts with his female coworkers.   Now they decide to offend (accident or not) many many many Oklahomans by making fun of Easter and referring to Jesus Christ as a zombie.  It makes you wonder what the next KFOR Twitter gaffe will be.  Linda Cavanaugh cursing?  Mike Morgan declaring that thunder is nothing but the sound of an alien aircraft backfiring?  Jolene Chaney declaring her love for me?  None of those tweets would surprise me.

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