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Ogle Madness II: Elite 8, East and Midwest Region


The Elite 8 of Ogle Madness begins this week with the East and Midwest Regional finals.  The East Region was dominated by attractive females, while the Midwest was conquered by elite amateur athletes from the state's premier university.  Previews of the games are below:

East Regional Final:

vs. carrie-underwood

(3) Jessica Schambach vs. (4) Carrie Underwood

Carrie may have pulled off the most surprising upset in the tournament when she demolished Gary England, and really none of her contests have been close.  Because of that, she's probably the favorite in this game, even though she is the 4-seed.  However...I wouldn't count out Jessica.  She has a strong local following and the keys to Clark Matthews heart.  Seriously, you should see the perfectly legal and in no way creepy "Shrine to Schambach" display that he keeps in his garage.

Midwest Regional Final:

sambradford5_26d150 vs. blakegriffin7_11150

(1) Sam Bradford vs. (3) Blake Griffin

It's pretty rare for the Heisman Trophy winner and Wooden Award winner to both go to the same university, but it's even rarer for them to go against each other in an Oklahoma celebrity tournament.  Seriously, if you are a hard core Sooner fan, who do you vote for here?  Normally, I would say that you should vote for the one with the best personality, but that's almost like deciding between watching grass grow or paint dry.  They are both pretty boring.

Anyway, vote after the jump.  If you've lost track of all the Ogle Madness madness, view the updated bracket.

(3) Jessica Schambach vs. (4) Carrie Underwood

About Jessica Schambach:


Conference: Hot News Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchorwomen for Channel 5

Biggest Strength: Distracting Paul Folger

Biggest Weakness: Answering our love letters


About Carrie Underwood:

Conference: American Idol Alumni

Who she is: Checotah-born winner of Season 3 of American Idol; Country Music Superstar

Biggest Strength: Winning over-hyped talent shows.  She's also moderately attractive.

Biggest Weakness: Making music that doesn't make us want to yank out our ears.



(1) Sam Bradford vs. (3) Blake Griffin

About Sam Bradford :


Conference: Heisman Heroes

Who he is: Quarterback of the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Being the quarterback of the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Saying Sooner


About Blake Griffin:

Conference: College Basketball Goliaths

Who he is: The best player in NCAA basketball and likely first overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft

Biggest Strength: Making every guy who tries to guard him look like a chump, blocking out for rebounds

Biggest Weakness: Blocking out fan taunts while at the free throw line


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