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Ogle Madness II: Midwest Region, Second Round


Kevin Ogle and this little guy are enjoying Ogle Madness II, are you?

Today's games are from the Second Round of the Midwest Region.  They will be played at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher and the The Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley.  The match-ups are:

(1) Sam Bradford vs. (9) Patrick
(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Lee Symcox
(3) Blake Griffin
vs. (6) Brad Henry
(2) Jaime Cerreta
vs. (10) Joey and Heather

Vote after the jump.  Voting ends at midnight.

(1) Sam Bradford vs. (9) Patrick


About Sam Bradford :

Conference: Heisman Heroes

Who he is: Quarterback of the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Being the quarterback of the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Saying Sooner

Last Result: Defeated Elyse Down 268 - 117


About Patrick:


Conference: The Mighty Ogles

Who he is: Founder and managing editor of this website

Biggest Strengths: Incredibly handsome, articulate and debonair.

Biggest Weakness: A bit of a a little too hard.

Last Result: Defeated Dean Blevins 235 - 150



(4) Mike Gundy vs. (12) Lee Symcox

About Mike Gundy:

Conference: YouTube Stars

Who he is: Head coach of the Oklahoma State football team

Biggest Strength: Restraint.  Calling offensive plays.

Biggest Weakness: Paying any attention, whatsoever, to the defense.

Last Result: Defeated Sally Kern 297 - 83


About Lee Symcox:


Conference: Sponsors

Who he is: CEO of First Fidelity Bank

Biggest Strength: Encyclopedic knowledge of The Flaming Lips

Biggest Weakness: Ad placement

Last Result: Defeated Berry Tramel 245 - 161



(3) Blake Griffin vs. (6) Brad Henry


About Blake Griffin:

Conference: College Basketball Goliaths

Who he is: The best player in NCAA basketball and likely first overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft

Biggest Strength: Making every guy who tries to guard him look like a chump, blocking out for rebounds

Biggest Weakness: Blocking out fan taunts while at the free throw line

Last Result: Defeated The Mathis Brothers 312 - 122



About Brad Henry:

Conference: Political Leaders

Who he is: Governor of the State of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Building the "rainy day fund", utilizing Barry Switzer,  and obtaining federal money from FEMA

Biggest Weakness: Following the same path as Sarah Palin

Last Result: Defeated Steve Hunt 310 - 195



(2) Jaime Cerreta vs. (10) Joey and Heather


About Jaime Cerreta :

Conference: Hot TV News Chicks

Who she is: Anchorwoman for KOKH Fox 25

Biggest Strength: Hotness

Biggest Weakness: She wants to leave OKC.  No!

Last Result: Defeated Billy Sims 262 - 173



About Joey & Heather:

Conference: Morning Jocks

Who they are: Morning Deejays for Wild 104.9

Biggest Strength: Entertaining the young hip-hop masses with their wild and wacky morning show

Biggest Weakness: Booking quality guests for their morning show

Last Result: Defeated Aubrey McClendon 253 - 248


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