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Ogle Madness II: West Region, Lower Bracket!


These pandas are sad that the first round of Ogle Madness is almost over. Maybe today's exciting West Region matchups can cheer them up. These games are being played at the Federal Correctional Institute in El Reno.

(6) Toby Keith vs. (11) Brandon Chatmon
(3) Kevin Durant vs. (14) Mike McCarville
(7) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (10) Andrew Speno
(2) Bob Stoops vs. (15) Wava from NuSound

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(6) Toby Keith vs. (11) Brandon Chatmon


About Toby Keith:

Conference: Ignorant Rednecks

Who he is: The star of Beer for my Horses

Biggest Strength: Standing on the Sooner football sideline and pretending to be anything other than an embarrassment to the program.

Biggest Weakness: Displaying any semblance of normal brain function.


About Brandon Chatmon:

Conference: Dark Tower

Who he is: Creator of the second best video to ever run on NewsOK

Biggest Strength: Coming up with catch phrases

Biggest Weakness: Driving those catch phrases into the ground


(3) Kevin Durant vs. (14) Mike McCarville

Warriors Thunder Basketball

About Kevin Durant:

Conference: NBA in OKC

Who he is: Basketball Robot

Biggest Strength: Lighting up opposing defenses on a nightly basis.

Biggest Weakness: We'd say defending, but he generally goes up against the worst offensive player on the other team.  So instead, we'll say showing a personality of any kind.



About Mike McCarville:

Conference: Obscure Local Bloggers

Who he is: Former Radio Host at KTOK

Biggest Strength: Updating his blog on a regular basis

Biggest Weakness: He's a little bit too liberal for us


(7) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (10) Andrew Speno


About Ashlynn Brooke:

Conference: Oklahoma Porn Stars

Who she is: The first Oklahoma Adult entertainer to grant a Q&A

Biggest Strength: She Likes It Big #2, Double Play #5, Busty College Co-Eds P.O.V. #3

Biggest Weakness: Completing Q&A's



About Andrew Speno:

Conference: Evening News Anchors

Who he is: The man who steals air time from Jaime Cerreta on the Fox Primetime News at nine.

Biggest Strength: Dressing up like himself for Halloween.

Biggest Weakness: Doing what it takes to keep Jaime Cerreta in town.


(2) Bob Stoops vs. (15) Wava from NuSound


About Bob Stoops :

Conference: Football Coaches of Oklahoma

Who he is: One of the highest paid NCAA football coaches in the country

Biggest Strength: Guiding his team to Unicorn Bowl appearances

Biggest Weakness: Winning the Unicorn Bowl


About Wava from Nu-Sound:


Conference: TV and Radio Spokesperson

Who she is: Spokeswomen for Nu-Sound

Biggest Strength: Speaking clearly to potential Nu-Sound customers in TV commercials

Biggest Weakness: Not putting these commercials on YouTube

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