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<i>Shane Jett is silly!!!!!!!!!!!</i>

In last summer's Worst of OKC, we had a category for "Worst Local Politician!" One of the nominees was State Representative Shane Jett! Knowing that, you probably won't be surprised to learn that he's is now leading a crusade to italicize the word Oklahoma on our state flag, and for kicks, throw a random exclamation point in to it, too!

From the Tulsa World!

Flag proposal causes a flap

An altered style and an exclamation mark draw some critics.

State Rep. Shane Jett said one exclamation point has gotten him more attention than the rest of his four-year legislative career combined.
"People ask me if there aren't more important things for me to work on," the Tecumseh Republican said Thursday. "I am, they're just not paying any attention to them."

Jett, as chairman of the House International Relations and Tourism Committee, introduced a bill this session to italicize the word "OKLAHOMA" on the state flag and put an exclamation point at the end.

The bill also creates an official state abbreviation: OK!

Jett said he has introduced more legislation on rural Internet access and wireless coverage than anyone else during the past few years, but nothing has drawn the same response as the proposed flag change.

Actually, Shane Jett isn't giving himself enough credit! We are paying attention to all the "important things" he's worked on!  Does anyone remember this!?!

Yep, the same guy who wants to make our state flag surprise people also wants to spend $100-million building a huge oil derrick across the Oklahoma River! Call me crazy, but ideas like these make me wonder if Shane is the right person to be "Chairman of the House International Relations and Tourism Committee!" Maybe he just needs to dedicate 100% of his time to improving rural internet coverage and just keeping his silly "tourism" ideas to himself!  That would probably be great for everyone!

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