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Ogle Madness II: Play-In Game


Elyse Downs vs. Brianna DeCassios

Today's play-in game pits two young ladies from the Annoying Sorority Girls conference in a snowy cat fight of epic proportions. This match up takes place at the Alpha Chi Omega house at the University of Oklahoma.  The winner will go on to face the top overall seed Sam Bradford in the Midwest Region.  Find out a little more about these two girls -- and cast your vote for your favorite or least favorite or whatever-- after the jump.

About Elyse Downs:

Conference: Annoying Sorority Girls

Who she is: The girl who "made it snow" and was willing to sweep the floor.

Biggest Strength: She will do whatever it takes to be an Alpha Chi.

Biggest Weakness: Executing basic sorority pranks.


About Brianna DeCassios:


Conference: Annoying Sorority Girls

Who she is: Brilliant cinematographer behind the make it snow video.

Biggest Strength: Getting people to open up on camera.

Biggest Weakness: Being a good friend.


Voting is open through Thursday.

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