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Attack of the Mommy Bloggers!


On Monday, we wrote about the winners of the 2008 Oklahoma Blog Awards being announced. In the post, here is what I wrote about Decisionally Challenged, the site that won the award for Best Humor Blog:

In the "Best Humor" category we were defeated by some blog called Decisionally Challenged.  The blog is so funny that it's name isn't even in it's web address (  I would suggest you visit it and laugh your ass off.    When you do, please promptly send us an email and explain why.

Since that day, Mommy Blogs all over Oklahoma and beyond have been on full alert – attacking, trashing, and bombarding our site with some of the finest wit and elegant prose to be found on the internet (sarcasm). Essentially, they refer to us – and some of our readers – as sore, whiny losers. Here are some examples:

Decisionally Challenged: She replied back to us by posting a Destiny's Child video.  She also refers to her blog comments as "peeping toms." Hardy F*cking har.

Today in Idabel Oklahoma: Apparently this group of (sarcasm) hilarious mommy bloggers are not aware of copyright laws, because the reposted our post (and reader comments) on their site.  They also included pictures of crying babies and breastfeeding. 

Red Neck Diva: She won the humor category the previous two years in the Okie Blog Awards.  She is "absolutely perturbed about the hatin' I'm reading as a result of the 2008 Okie Blog Awards."

But I digress...: This one is kind of sad, because this blogger was apparently a fan of The Lost Ogle, but now doesn't like us anymore. I guess she liked the snark and sarcasm when it had to do with politics or Dave Morris, but mommy blogs are off limits. I'm not sure if that's a double standard or not.

Short Pump Preppy: This blog doesn't even appear to be from Oklahoma and she got mad. 

- Mike McCarville Report: You may not have known it, but Mike McCarville no longer writes about politics.  He now writes about mommies. Hot mommies.

Well, I guess it's finally good to get some recognition from the mommy blogs without having to post lemon cake recipes, write about poopy diapers, or post pictures from Clark Matthews "Creative Memories" party. Plus, the linkage from their sites helps boost our traffic and Technorati Ranking, which is always a good thing.

In response to their criticism, I really don't feel that my post from Monday was too mean or over the top. Some of the words in the comments section may have been tough, but the post itself was pretty tame when you compare it to other things we've written. Hell, I even congratulated all the blogs that won. Other than giving Chad his own Friday column, that's probably the nicest thing we've ever done at this site.

I guess what Georgie at Decisionally Challenged and her army of mommy blogs forgot - or maybe don't even know - is that The Lost Ogle is an "obscure social blog" that tends to poke snarky fun at most anything and everything. This "anything and everything" includes ourselves, our advertisers, our friends and even midgets.  So...when we lose a "Best Humor" award to a blog that's only humorous to fans of Reba and scrapbookers, it should be expected that we're going to point that out. And when that blog receives a correlating bump in site traffic and a bit of notoriety, we hope that they can just laugh off or enjoy the criticism coming their way. You know, just like we've done with all the hilarious commentary found at the sites we linked to above.

Anyway, I hope this post will help make the mommy blogs less mad at us, and get them back to worshipping the Pioneer Woman. If not, we'll use our connections to have Gary England create a severe thunderstorm during Oprah and force Rick Mitchell to interrupt programming. That will show them.

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